EPS Essendon climb every mountain at Mountain to Surf

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Mountain to Surf Results, Jan 5th 2007

Matthew Goodger: 36:15, 124th (Out of 318) Open Men, Mountain to Surf 8.5km - this is a 1 minute improvement by Matty in very hot and difficult conditions. Matt has also moved up the field by almost 90 places. Well done Matty!


Aaron Heaney: 28:35, 6th (out of 221) Senior Men, Mountain to Surf 8.5km. In Aaron's own words: "Llast years time 28:27. Take the first 2 hills away and I likely ran the rest of the course faster than anyone in my heat. I was in shock a little right at the beginning not knowing if I'd make the distance. My body freed up after a few minutes although even the smallest hills pulled me up hard. As we are both aware of, at the moment I'm sacrificing my races to put training first. Really I guess I can't think of serious racing until mid year at the earliest. You know the plan, you created it after all and I have a lot of faith in Tony Benson's knowledge." Aaron's had a good season so far, and more is yet to come.

Danny Hawksworth: 27:23, 8th Open Men, Mountain to Surf 8.5km.