AV Shield Round 4

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AV Shield Round 4, Dec 2 2006

Jeff Jones:  3000m - 9:30.86 - 1st place! This was Jeff's first ever 3000m race. What a way to start! The time equalled his previous PB for 3000, which was recorded during a 5000m race some years ago. Jeff was understandably ecstatic and put his success down to all the speed work we've been doing. This follows on from Jeff's top 10 placing in the 5k last week with a time of 16:52.

Gemeda Adem: 1500m - 4:30.33 2nd U16. Gemeda was running strongly in third place at the 700m mark, but then faded. He said later he was angry that he didn't do better, so watch out when Gemeda exacts his revenge!!

James Brennan: 1500m - 5:16.79 - 8th Div 2. A PB for James by 11 seconds! James then went on to do his very first 800 in 2:32.06 11th Div 2 (that makes it two PBs in one day for James) and did an even split for both laps. More PBs are in store for James.

Matthew Goodger: 1500m - 5:11.25 9th Div 1. This is even faster than last week (which was faster than he achieved all last season). Well done Matty! Matt then went on to race the 3000, achieving a time of 12:38 7th Div 1(my time, the officials have it at almost a minute slower), an improvement of over 10 seconds from last time. If Matt concentrates on only one race per meeting, this time will definitely come down.

Peter Fitzgerald: 3000m - 10:09.77 8th Open. This is 7 seconds quicker than his last 3000m.

Aaron Heaney: 800m 2:15.67 (8th, Div 1). Aaron was looking for a time of 2:10, but given the windy conditions a time of 2:15 wasn't bad. Aaz finished with energy to spare, so that 2:10 can't be too far away.