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Camps, Clinics & Seminars


Bensons EPS runs periodic weekend and day camps to provide athletes with a more varied training experience. Camps may be training specific; a combination of training and social activities Often these camps focus they may contain a normal level of training but focus on a social element or, if the camp is over a more extended period, it may focus on both training specific and social elements.

Regardless of what overall focus the camp has, however, there will be sessions that focus on specifically on, say, swimmimg, cycling and/or running or combine all these disciplines into a triathlon specific experience.

Past live in camps have been held in Ocean Grove, Falls Creek, Benalla and Bright while one day camps are held regularly in Ballarat.

Details of upcoming camps will be posted closer to the actual date.

EPS Clinics, Workshops and Seminars

Clinics, workshops, seminars and "One on One" sessions cover a wide range of topics and activities. The overall aim is to improve the athlete's technique and to increase his/her knowledge.

If knowledge is power, then improving an athlete's awareness of the injury prevention and improved technique in conjunction with a better understanding of proven nutrition and hydration methods; the need for adequate general and specific strength and the importance of recovery - passive rest, massage, light activity, etc - along with regular medical and physiological screenings will ensure a better transfer of the benefits of training to performance.


Clinics aim at improving and athletes knowledge of one or more aspects of their sport.

They may be local (eg, the October 2002 "Run Faster with Less Injuries" clinic conducted by Tony Benson and Mark Alexander, the triathlon 2002 Commonwealth Games physiotherapist); national (eg, the February 2003 two day run technique conducted by Tony for the Queensland Institute of Sport and for Col Stewart and his elite Tri squad) or international (eg, the September 2003 3000m steeplechase clinic conducted by Tony for the coaches attending the IAAF All Africa Level 2 course in Nairobi).

Details of clinics will be published as they becomes available.

Anyone interested in running a clinic should contact Benson's EPS.

Workshops and Seminars

These occur periodically and normally focus on one or two subjects and attempt to provide information on topics that an athlete may not normally be able to access themselves.

Examples are "Iinjury Prevention" with physiotherapist Paul Visentini and "Selecting the Correct Shoes" with podiatrist Craig Tanner and "Sports Nutrition" with Simon Sostaric.

Details of upcoming seminars/workshops will be posted at the appropriate time.

Contact with PhysioSports may be done through

Details of upcoming seminars/workshops will be posted at the appropriate time.