Coaching & Training

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Coaching and Training

Coaching services for you as a triathlete, duathlete, runner, swimmer or cyclist are detailed on the relevant pages on this web site under Coaching and Training.

The most commonly used Melbourne training venues, along with the current details, may be found can be found on the Training Venues page.
Your most appropriate squad training level can be found on the Squads page. (Be sure to follow the links to check out the Beginner, Fun & Fitness, Sprint, Olympic and Ironman, and Olympic and Ironman HP programs.)

No junior programs are listed because of the huge variation in the individual circumstances of junior athletes.
The Training Information page provides you with more information about the week by week structure of the program and the annualized periodization.

With regard to coaching, it is the Benson's EPS philosophy to make you be the best you can be within the limits of your capacity to commit to being the best you can be. This means every runner, triathlete, cyclist or swimmer will receive a program that has at its core, the same philosophical content as that of an Olympian’s program. It means you will be treated in exactly the same way as an Olympian would be treated. It means your program will progress over time in exactly the same way as someone destined to be an Olympian would progress.

Being the best you can be requires six things:

  1. The ability to realistically assess exactly how much time you can commit to attempting to optimise your potential.
  2. The commitment you bring to the program. See the Triathlon section.
  3. The willingness to commit the stated amount of time to the training program on a regular basis. See the Swimming section.
  4. The confidence to believe you can achieve what the program tests predict you are capable of achieving. See the Cycling section.
  5. The understanding it is committment - which can never vary over time - not motivation - which will vary from time to time - that is important. See the Running section.
  6. The common sense to understand recovery and training are merely two sides of the same coin.