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Every athlete has only one career. A coach has the responsibility to optimise that career within the framework negotiated between the athlete and the coach or coaching organisation.

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EPS & You

Bensons EPS is heavily involved in developing a wide range of squad and correspondence programs that can assist runners and triathletes to improve the integrity of their training programs without having to resort to unacceptable (and unsustainable) levels of intensity.

The Bensons EPS coaching programs cater for all levels of athlete and every athlete, without exception, that has used one of the programs has improved significantly. More importantly, if you come onto the program you can join the athletes who have used these programs as directed and have continued to improve over long periods.

It is important to understand that every athlete needs a "high performance" program because every athlete needs a properly constructed program. In the same way as few of us would think of seeking out a our own lawyer, dentist, surgeon, accountant, etc, you should not try to be your own coach.

What should an athlete do when considering coaching?

1. Seek out a coach with a proven record of taking individual athletes from a beginner level to an elite just as you would seek the best in any field.

2. Seek out a coach who has been successfully taking athletes to the highest level in multi events because he/she will have to have "coach - coordinator" capabilities because he/she will not be afraid of out sourcing to other more qualified coaches in areas you may need assistance with. Be very sceptical of any coach who, without the record of producing elite athletes, claims to be able to "do it all" as its more likely ,they, like the 'jack of all trades' are 'masters of no trade'. 

3. Seek out a coach who respects your endeavour more than your money, one who  will be able to provide you with a program that has a high performance pedigree because the only difference between beginners and internationals from a programming perspective is that the international was born with some genetic advantages and has committed themselves to their goal.

Finally if you are a Beginner or Novice athlete do not be fooled by the "beginners need a low level coach" nonsense. The truth is actually the reverse. The more inexperienced and less technically proficient the athlete, the greater the need for an experienced, successful coach. In the same way you would seek a proficient surgeon for a 'minor' operation you should seek an experienced coach with a proven record to assist you with your training program.

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