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An athlete who has completed a Run Video session (see Run Video and Tehnique) may choose to to follow this up with either an occassional or regular personalised session with Tony. You will perform better, and experience less injuries, if your technique is sound. Based on this principle, these sessions normally focus on technique, though they may include a training component.


Such a session may focus purely on technique or on training and technique. After a proper warm up a typical technique session might involve any or or of the following: technique run throughs, plyometrics, explosive sprints, tempo sub MVO2 speed endurance runs, tempo endurance lactate threshold runs, hill runs for speed/power, strength and technically correct form running.



Run technique sessions include:

  1. a preliminary video of the athletes technique;
  2. a viewing of, and discussion on, what was filmed;
  3. a teaching unit that focuses on the major aspects of technique, i.e., the "Big Four" of running;
  4. another video to determine the extent of the changes the athlete is capable of making;
  5. a final discussion on future directions.

One of the most successful technique/training programs ever conducted, involved rehabiliating a runner who wanted to run the New York marathon but had been told he should never run again. He ran the race non-stop, except for some photo shoots with New York firemen, despite having started with an achilles tendon injury, a re-constructed knee and a totally wasted left calf muscle. See Coaching and Training -> Running for this remarkable story.

In the period since October 15th when Tony spoke to the Australian Physiotherapist Association - Victorian Branch, various physiotherapists have referred numerous people with running related problems to Tony and all have been able to start re-building their training.

In the case of the run technique sessions every athlete, including former world record holders, has acknowledged that the session was of benefit and they felt they were now running more effortlessly. The document "Basic Movements in Running" (See Articles) describes what we are trying to achieve.

If you are interested in attending a Run Correction and Technique session contact Tony at Bensons EPS.

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These are available in both competition and non-competition based packages. Contact Tony Benson at EPS.

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