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EPS Buninyong Bike Ride

Getting There

Follow the Western Highway to Ballarat and take the first exit to the city. Follow the divided road until narrows and then re-divides with gardens in the median strip. About 1k after this occurs look for signs indicating any or all of the following - Geelong, Buninyong, Ballart University, Mt Helen, Mt Clear or Soveriegn Hill. All are on Geelong Road (which begins as Main Road or Main Street) and that's the road you want. Buninyong is about 10k and the meeting point is on the lower right corner (see X) of the roundabout in the town center.


The ride starts at Buninyong and heads toward Ballarat via the Ballarat-Sebastopol Road. After about ~10k (of often windy riding) you'll hit  a roundabout and you turn right onto Bridge Rd. This ~3k leg takes you up a long hill past the Tip to the Mt Clear roundabout. Turn right again and follow the road to Buninyong.

Continue up the 1.7k climb along Geelong Rd to the Mt Buninyong turn off. Its now ~3.9k to the top. Take both right road choices at the two VERY steep sections and continue up until you have passed the lookout tower and the power station at the very top. Follow the road back to Buninyong (and repeat - -  and repeat - - and - - !!






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