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Training Paces by Event

Training Paces by Event

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When instructed to run at a specified pace, eg, 1500m pace, during simply scroll down to the 1500m chart, find a time that approximates to your current (Date) form or your ideal (Goal) time and select the appropriate columns and/or rows. Note that if the time for a distance is not listed it can be calculated from another distance, eg, an 800m time can be calculated by 400m x 2, or a 500m time could be done as 1000m/2, or a 300m done as 100m x 3.

The events are: 200m - 400m - 800m - 1000m - 1500m - 3000m (& 3000m SC) - 5000m - 10,000m - 15k - 21.1k - marathon

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