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Canberra Half IM, 11th December, 2005

Jacqueline Wrightson - 9th Female 2nd 30-34  2 minute Canberra PB Qualified for IM OZ.

Gatorade Triathlon Race 2, 11th December, 2005

Jarratt Morgan  - 1:00:10 - 37th 4th M25-29
Paul Chow - 1:06:40 - 240th 3rd MClydesdale
Tegan Smith - 1:07:07 - 255th 2nd F15-19
Karl Augustin - 1:07:29 -272th 12th M 45-49
Jeff Beavis - 1:08:25 - 309th 43rd M35-39
Gemma Duhig - 1:10:31 - 396th 7th F20-24
Tony Green - 1:14:22 - 581th 11th M50-54
Silvana Stefanovski - NT - NP NP F25-29
* Being a similar day to 2004 it was great to see the number of event PB's.

Australian All Schools 9-11 December, 2005

Sarah Grahame - 1st U20 2000m SC 6:55.0 (pb), 2nd U17 2000m SC 7:02, 6th 1500m 4:39 (pb)

Sussan 5k, December 4th, 2005

Sarah Grahame - 18:11; 1st OA & 1st 13-19
Nadelle Legge - 2nd 36:18

Zatopek 10,000m, December 1st 2006

Nadelle Legge 7th 35:56

Sub 16 minute 5k, December 4th

Harvard University student Lindsay Scherf ran 15:42 for an indoor 5000m.

NEW VICTORIAN RECORD, 19th November, 20005

Sarah Grahame set a new Victorian U17 5000m record with a time of 16:56.94 at interclub. This bettered the previous record, set in 1986, of 16:57.4 and is an Australian AA qualifying time for the Junior World Cross-Country championships. Sarah has already been selected in the Australian School Team for the World Schools XC Championship and is now moving into contention for the World Junior T & F and XC championships.

Gatorade Triathlon Race 2, 20th November, 2005

Jarratt Morgan      25-29            47     7     1:01:56

Paul Chow           Clydesdale   95    1      1:04:55

Rob Raulings      35-39            152  16     1:07:39

karl augustin        45-49            265  13     1:10:16

Jeff Beavis            35-39            278  32     1:10:46

Mark Travill           45-49             291 14      1:11:08

Mark Horsfield     30-34            411   92     1:14:03

Tony Green          50-54             505  13     1:17:01

Gary Blake            55-59            514   6       1:17:08
Cherie Hawira       25-29          824  36   1:27:14

Protiviti Triathlon Race 1, November 13th, 2005

Tegan Smith - 1st AG 0:58:35 (07:31-29:06-21:58). "Last year everyone passed me on the run". In this race "no one did!"
Silvana Stefanovski - 9th AG 1:09:18 (10:29-33:39-25:10). An even effort across the disciplines.
David Zanon - 25th AG 1:03:47 (9:03-31:24-23:20). An excellent debut into longer races by David.

Shepparton Half IM, November 13th, 2005

Gary Blake - 3rd AG 5:53:39 (40:07-3:05:20-2:08:11) PB Qualified IM OZ
Seven * - 43rd AG 5:07:04 (37:40-2:32:39-1:56:44) PB. (On 4:35hr pace until an old knee injury re-occured)

New York Marathon, November 6th, 2005

Sasha Nichols - Great job. Despite being unable to run for about 3 weeks prior to this race due to a strained muscle in her foot she completed the event in just under 5 hours - only 20 minutes from her predicted time had everything gone ok. 

Noosa Triathlon November 6th, 2005

Ani De Leon - 5th AG 2:20:00 (23:04-1:11:08-45:48) PB (Possible Philippine record) *Incurred a 3 minute penalty.
Bryce Quirk - 6th Pro; 1:47:39 (17:21-57:36-32:42). (Possible PB) 4th fastest run.
Jacqueline Wrightson - 9th AG 2:21:11 (24:54-1:11:30-44:47) A solid post Hawaii WG race.
Jarratt Morgan - 13th AG 2:09:29 (23:10-1:02:42-43:37). Great bike time compared to the pro's etc. PB
Jeff Beavis - 89th AG 2:20:51 (25:42-1:10:03-45:06). Massive PB. About 10 minutes above expectations.
Paul Chow - 3rd AG 2:13:57 (23:05-1:05:36-45:16). PB

Excellent overall results. Well done everyone.

Noosa 5k Run, November 4th

Nadelle Legge - 11th (17:35) in a top class field.

Port Macquarie Half Ironman October 23th, 2005

Roger Allon - 6:04:41 hr (45 to 49) PB
Peter Clark - 4:33:00 hr (35 to 39) PB, 6th AG pre qualified
Matthew Hartnett - 6:06:39 hr (30-34) 108th PB
Ryan McMahon - 4:41:41 hr (18 to 24) 9th pre qualified
Janet Miller - 5:57:27 hr (45 to 49) PB, qualified
Kane Millerd - DNF. Unfortunately cramped badly in the swim.
Dave Turnidge - 5:53:29 hr (45 to 49) PB

Hawaii Ironman October 15th, 2005

Jodie Morris - 11:02 hr. A personal best and an Hawaii best by 34 minutes. After a 1:12 hour swim Jodie (see Home Page) rode 5:45 hr and run 3:51 hr to finish as the second Australian in the 40 to 44 age group. Her performance was actually good enough to have placed her second Australian in every age group from 18 to 45 with the exception od the 25 to 29 group.


World Triathlon Age Group Championships (Hawaii) October 8th, 2005

Jacqueline Wrightson: 2:20hr; 15th in the 30-34AG; 2nd Australian AG. Jacqueline overcame numerous interruptions with changes of job, bike problems, sickness, etc, during her preparation that this result is certainly superior to her 2:16hr PB done under much more favourable conditions.

Schools October 7-9, 2005

Jayde Anderson (11) : 1500m - 1st (NT) & 1:07/400m (LA's)
Sarah Grahame (16): 1st 3000m & 2000m SC, 3rd 1500m, 8th 800m
Andre Neilsen (17): 2nd 2000m SC

Melbourne Marathon October 9th, 2005

Mark Horsfield - 1:35:55. A fine 21.1k result.
Alissa Jones - 4:42:43hr. A fine good after a 3hr+ XC with a virus the week before!
Brad Boag - 3:23:32hr. An excellent effort. Runing a sub 3hr pace early took a toll.
Brendan Holland - 3:55:08hr. Another with a virus who ran well regardless
Craig Racine - 3:45:41hr. An excellent effort right on target according to training and a 3 week global holiday.
Mark Aspinall - 3:02:08hr. Run right up to his ability. Just 1 more minute!!
Paul Chow - 3:40:56hr. An excellent run considering Paul was combining marathon training with coaching a squad of athletes.

Upper Murray Challenge (October 2nd, 2005)

Alissa Jones - Unfortunately Alissa's team mate (husband Andrew) passed a virus on the her so while finishing physically better than last year she was slightly slower. This improved recovery only meant she tackled the Melbourne a week later!

Gold Coast Half IM (October 2nd, 2005)

Mark Travill - 5th 40-44 AG/4:59:58. Qualified for Forster. Great effort Mark (31:17-4:45T1-2:33:05-2:15.5T2-1:48:36)

AV Tan Relays

Andre Neilsen - 12:40
Gemma Duhig - 18:22
Inge Magher - 18:45
Simon Watson - 11:56

Associated Catholic Colleges XC September 17th, 2005

Matt O'Connor - 8th in 17:59. Matt has been battling collapsed lungs all year yet still finished only 44 seconds behind the winner in the U16 division. 

TriVic/MTC Duathlon September 11th, 2005

Aaron Butler - 4th/20-24 1:00:44. A strong result as a hit out for Hawaii
Jarrat Morgan - 5th/25-29 0:58:57. Excellent result. PB's in the run and the normal fast ride towing a large group
Kristine Hopkins - 3rd/25-29 1:09:28. Comebacking K went all the way to a place!
Matt Bailey - 2nd/16-19 1:00:14 strong effort aided by PB running.
Seven - 5th/35-39 1:01:10. A stong effort in a tough age group
Silvana Stefanovski - 11th/25-29 1:19:29. Very good after focussing on 21.1k racing until now.
Tegan Smith - 2nd/16-19 1:10:26. Excellent result with PB's in the run

Iron(Wo)man Korea - August 28th, 2005

Jodie Morris - 11:12:10hr and 7th female overall. Qualified for Hawaii 2005. The strength of this performance is shown by the fact Jodie finished only 10 minutes behind another 35 to 40 age grouper, Anne Martin (see Honour Roll) who I coached until 2002 and has several sub 10 hour results and run PB's in the low 3 hours.

Australian Schools & World C'ships Selection August 27th, 2005

Sarah Grahame - 7th overall & 5th U17. Selected for the Australian team to the 2006 World Championships in Italy.
Andre Neilsen - hit by a bad chest cramp he struggled and was not able to produce his best.

Noumea International Marathon - August 21st, 2005

Nadelle Legge - 2:55:19, 2nd. A great recent coming back from the disappointment at Gold Coast. Times seemed to indicate the tropical conditions added between 5 and 10 minutes to the everyone's time. Nadelle received a number of run, triathlon and duathlon invitations as a result of this performance.

Australian Duathlon (Benalla) - August 21st, 2005

Seven - 7th Age Group; 38th overall

City to Surf (Sydney) - August 14th, 2005

Kathy Rundle (400m Hurdler) - 1:04:06 hour. Great effort!
Matt O'Connor (Junior) - 53:35 (314th). Sub 50' next year!

Yeppoon Half Ironman, August 14th 2005

Yvette Stepan - 4th (Age Group) in 5:20hr & Port MacQuarie qualified! Excellent result.

Warrambool Half Marathon, August 7th 2005

Paul Chow - 1:35hr. Great leadin to Melbourne Marathon.

Wagga Wagga Duathlon - July 31st, 2005

Seven - 1st.
No details yet. Those wondering who Seven is he is one of our country athletes heading for the World Duathlon along with the Newcastle trio of Ben Higginbottom, Peter Clark and Ryan McMahon. 

Edmonton World Cup Triathlon - July 24th, 2005

Bryce Quirk - 11th.

Athletics Victoria Cross Country - July 23nd

Sarah Grahame - 1st U18
Andre Neilsen - 9th U18

Victorian Schools Championships- July 21st

Sarah Grahame - 1st VSSA U18

Rialto Run - July 20th

Sarah Grahame - 9:31. First female

Sandy Point 21.1k - July 17th

Campbell Jackson - 1:35:22
James Middleditch - 1:40:50
Silvana Stepanovski - 1:44:00
Mark Travill - 1:36:35
**All PB's and up to TT prediction**

Life Time Triathlon - July 17th

Bryce Quirk - 6th.


Athletics Victoria Sandown Relays - July 9th

Sarah Grahame - 10:49/3k. Fastest junior female
Simon Watson - 20:20/6k
Andre Neilsen - /6k
Inge Magher - 31:13/6k

Athletics Victoria 5k/15k Road Race - June 26th

5k : Sarah Grahame - 1st Victorian under 18
15k: Bryce Quirk - (dnf) Fell in a post hole left uncovered but race organisers! 31:40 at 10k
15k: Simon Watson - 16th in 50:08

Gold Coast Half Marathon/Marathon - July 3rd

Vicki Houston - 2:18hr. 2 minute ahead of target
Janet Miller - 1:48hr. 1 minute ahead of target
Craig Racine - 1:42 hr. Right on target

Nadelle Legge - 2:56:16. Not the best of days but Tokyo (20/11/2005) is the main race. Update: 15/07/2205 a blood test reveals Nadelle has/has had glandular fever. The good thing is that it explains the Gold Coast result but the bad thing is what impact the rehab process will have on her training for Tokyo. 


Super June 18/19/05 weekend by EPS juniors.

Matt Bailey

Sat (am) 21:14 Bike TT on the Yarra BvB course = 14:09/10k!
Sat (pm) 4th Senior 54k bike ride at Gisborne
Sun (am) 3rd (16-19 yo) Duathlon ~1:03hr

Sarah Grahame

Sat (pm) 3rd Victorian All Schools U 17 4k Cross Country
Sun (am) 1st 9.6k (35:58) Albert Park run

Gemeda Adem

Sat (am) 1st Victorian All Schools U15 4k Cross Counrty

Andre Neilsen

Sat (pm) 6th Victorian All Schools U15 6k Cross Country
Gemenda, Sarah and Andre will all represent Victoria in the Australian All Schools in Adelaide on August 28th. Means all three EPS members made the State team and all three have a shot at making the Australian World All Schools team!
In addition Dula Adem, Gemeda's brother, will also be competing in the Vic State Schools XC on Wednesday in Ballarat for a place in the Nationals.

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