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Hi, its your coach Barb Augustin here.


I am a Level 2 Triathlon coach and also hold qualifications in each of the three disciplines that make up Triathlon:

Level 3 middle and long distance running coach
Bronze Licence Swim coach

CycleSkills Cycling coach
Crank! Studio Cycling instructor


The athletes I work with vary - developing juniors with elite aspirations, Age Group World Championship contenders, Ironman and Half-Ironman athletes, age groupers just starting out in triathlon, seasoned competitors and adult athletes hoping to rehabilitate from injury or take on new challenges in their triathlon careers. I also coach runners (see EPS-Running for a description of our running program).

With all of the athletes I coach my focus is always technique and improvement gained from swimming, cycling or running efficiently, as well as spreading the athlete’s training time across the three disciplines in the most effective manner.

Barb Augustin, Head Coach and Triathlon Program Manager of Benson’s EPS.

Below is a testimonial by an athlete who has been training with Barb since 2005:

Barb seems to have perfected the art of tailoring her program to get the best out of the individual which is why she's now got a very loyal following of triathletes and runners. The range of people she coaches is particularly impressive and speaks volumes for her people skills, program and dedication. Elite or high ranking age-groupers, right through to the beginner can have the confidence that they'll be challenged and supported in the right measures to reach their goals. It's a good coach who can get the balance right between pushing to get the best out of their athletes and being supportive enough to get them back into shape after a form slump. Personally, I can credit her with helping me shed 18kgs, get fit and turn from a 'running hater' into marathon runner (albiet once) last year. I'm also impressed by the amount of time and dedication Barb puts into training her athletes and helping them see it through. I can't help but give a cheeky smile as I run up the sand after the swim leg of a triathlon when I hear her yelling out "C'mooooon Daniel" from the sidelines (fortunately she keeps the "pull your bum in and straighten your back" comments for the training track when few are around). Thanks for your hard work, dedication and support Barb.

My mission as a coach is to help anyone who comes to me achieve their goal – whether that goal is to compete in their first race, to achieve a PB or to win. I find it enormously rewarding to share this journey with our athletes.

Being qualified in all three disciplines, as well as in Triathlon, gives me the ability to improve your technique in all areas and prevent problems in one discipline flowing into the others. For example, there could be a number of reasons for a swimmer to ‘snake’ down the pool, but taken together with her running style it became obvious the problem was with her pelvic control. This may not have been diagnosed as quickly by a swim coach.

Providing a triathlon program, enables the sessions to be balanced with each other, as opposed to getting a swim program from a swim coach, a bike program from a bike coach and a run program from a run coach. The dangers with the latter approach include: training too hard, insufficient recovery and inefficient use of time. In contrast, a triathlon program balances hard with easy, one discipline with another, focuses on those things that are triathlon-specific and takes into account the cross-training benefits.

So what does EPS Triathlon offer? Junior and Senior triathletes alike who join our program are coached on an individual basis. Each athlete is supplied with individualised coaching at any session they attend and a written personalised program which is triathlon specific. We do not have large numbers at our training sessions so you are guaranteed special attention from your coach. Whether you like it or not!

Session times and venues:
Monday – Kensington Recreation Centre at 6am
Monday – Aberfeldie athletics track, Moonee Ponds at 4:30pm

Monday – Box Hill Athletic Track from 4:30pm*

Tuesday – Studley Park at 6am*

Tuesday – Collingwood Athletic Track at 6am*
Tuesday – various locations around Moonee Valley at 6am
Tuesday – The Tan from 5pm
Wednesday – Kensington Recreation Centre at 6am

Wednesday – soon to be available - Box Hill Athletic Track from 4:30pm*
Thursday – various locations around Moonee Valley at 6am

Thursday – The horse trough at the Tan at 6am*
Thursday – Aberfeldie athletics track, Moonee Ponds at 4:30pm
Saturday – Studley Park Boathouse, Kew at 8:15am
Sunday – riding in various locations at 7am

(* these sessions are supervised by Frances or Mark on my behalf)


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