Kensington EPS triathletes off to a good start

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Triathlon results for 1st 4 races 06/07

Heather Marsh:

TriSeries at Mordy 12/11/06 300-8-2 - placed 5th in her age group. Heather blitzed them on the bike, coming in 45th place overall in the ride: 7:29(Swim)-1:05(T1)-17:47(Bike)-9:48(Run)=36:08.  Heather has only limited experience in triathlon - having done only 1 or 2 last season. Heather has been battling ITB problems, so this result is very satisfying.


Amanda Vaccaro:

TriSeries at Mordy 12/11/06 300-8-2 - placed 12th in her age group. 9:06(Swim)-2:49(T1)-19:18(Bike)-10:09(Run)=41:23.  Amanda has moved up the field by the equivalent of 20 places since last year.


James Slattery:

Brooks at St Kilda 19/11/06 150-5-1.5 James' swim remains his best leg - he came out of the water in 3rd place. He placed 13th in his age group after walking the run due to an ACL injury from falling down the stairs at home: 3:28(Swim)-4:07(T1)-12:53(Bike)-2:41(T2)-9:37(Run)=32:49. If only James could improve his transitions!

Brooks at Elwood 10/12/06 200-8-2 . Once again, James did well in the swim - coming out 4th. 5:24(Swim)-1:56(T1)-15:13(Bike)-2:12(T2)-14:10(Run)=38:59. Good to see those transition times coming down, James.


Angelo Pagano:

Brooks at Elwood 10/12/06 200-8-2. Angelo used to be a Junior champion and Veteran champion shot-putter, but now he has the benefit of the Benson's buzz and came 4th in the run in his age group. He placed 15th in his age group overall. 6:27(Swim)-1:57(T1)-13:15(Bike)-1:34(T2)-9:06(Run)=32:22. Angelo has only raced one triathlon in the past and has taken 4 minutes off his time. Well done Ange!


Karl Augustin:

Gatorade at Elwood 10/12/06 500-20-5. Karl placed 12th in his age group. 9:34(Swim)-1:46(T1)-35:51(Bike)-1:48(T2)-23:57(Run)=1:12:59. Karl's placing in his age group is almost identical to this race last year, but he's made a huge 5 minute improvement to his swim. Whether he overdid it in the swim, or whether it was the hot conditions, which caused him to be slower in the bike and run remains to be seen. Keep that swim happening Killer!


Patrick Over:

TriSeries at Mordy 12/11/06 300-8-2 - placed 26th in his age group. Patrick had a strong swim, coming out in 31st place overall: 6:31(Swim)-2:14(T1)-18:31(Bike)-9:54(Run)=37:10.  Patrick has only limited experience in triathlon - having done only 1 or 2 last season.


Simon Stratus:

Gatorade at Elwood 10/12/06 500-20-5. Simon placed 75th in his age group. 10:22(Swim)-1:54(T1)-42:53(Bike)-1:53(T2)-31:00(Run)=1:28:05. Simon had the misfortune of being in the very last wave - starting at 9:30am when the temperature was already in the mid 30s. I'm sure Simon's times will be much faster in less extreme conditions.  Like Ange, Patrick & Heather, Simon is relatively new to triathlon.


Daniel Moloney:

Gatorade at Elwood 10/12/06 500-20-5. Daniel placed 108 in his age group. Danny's swim time would be heaps faster if he could convince Santa to get him a wetsuit for Christmas. 10:12(Swim)-1:45(T1)-39:02(Bike)-1:37(T2)-26:16(Run)=1:18:55