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Life Members

Jamie Morgan

Jamie Morgan has been an EPS athlete for more years than most people have competed in triathlon. Despite being prone to shin splints for as long as I can remember he has still proved the EPS philosophy that "vegie jogging" produces champions because with no running training faster than 6 minutes per kilometer he averaged sub 5 minutes in an Ironman 42.2k run off the 180k bike.

In many ways Jamie is an "ultimate racer" because he races well above the level at which his body allows him to train. Jamie and his wife Leah are close friends and valued EPS members. 

Jodie Morris

Jodie represents the ultimate journey in triathlon -from Beginner to Ironman. Her ability to manage a career, personal life and sport is amazing. A sprinter at school Jodie joined EPS via a Run Technique program and has now completed 7 Ironman events setting a new PB in the 2005 Hawaii IM of 11:02 hour.

Jodie is now a beautiful 40 year old who regularly runs a ~3:50 hour marathon off the bike in an ironman triathlon and she regularly finishes ahead of younger athletes with far more talent.

She and her partner Anthony Moustakas of CBD Cycles are people I am very proud to know.

Danielle Entwistle

In 1999 Danielle came to EPS as a no nonsense person and finished as a no nonsence athlete. Her early timetrials were appalling but her early attitude was encouraging.

From a person whose early performances indicated competing in the world age group championships was a pipe dream and to better 16 hour in an Ironman would be near impossible she did represent Australia in her age group category at the World Championships and completed an Ironman in 12:30 minutes.

Like Jodie Morris all that differentiates Danielle from elite athletes like Michelle Jones or Emma Snowskill is God's genetic gifts.

Damon Molony

Damon's loyality to EPS over many years is appreciated. A naturally very strong swimmer and a strong sprinter type cyclist he excelled in the short and long Sprint triathlons and went on the earn selection in the World Age Group Championships.

It was with regret that we saw him move to another coaching group in 2005 because he may never optimise his running. His 1k time of 2:51 prior to leaving suggested he could run 10k off the bike in sub 36 minutes.

All the indicators relating to Damon show him capable of an Olympic Distance triathlon in 1:51 to 1:53 hour . We hope he achieves these times prior to retiring.

Sam Flanders

Sam Flanders joined EPS in 1999. Over the next years she proved herself excelled over the Long Course distances with a PB around 4:47hr and won the 2002 Surf Coast event at Torquay.

In addition she qualified for the Hawaii IM but, for personal reasons, was unable to compete. She also performed extremely well in the few Olympic distances she entered recording a 2:16hr PB off a sub 38 minute 10k run.

Swimming is not one of Sammy's strengths but with a 15:15 time for a time trail bike 10k on a slow velodrome (the EPS record is 14:41) and a 36:56/10k she is a strong cyclist and runner.