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Craig Mottram on his Competition

Congratulations Craig Mottram on his positive comments re winning at the Commonwealth Games.

Lee Troop's comments on CoolRunning

Lee makes running 100 mile (160k) per week sound like a big mileage. Marathon runners today run 220 to 280 km per week. 5k to 10k runners have been running an average of 90-100 mile (145 to 160k) per week since the 1950's. Lee's coach Steve Moneghetti was doing 200k or 112 mile per week. Lee has run a 13:14 time for 5k and a 2:09+ hr marathon. Steve ran 13:25 and a 2:08+ hr marathon.

Nick Bideau on Tamsyn Lewis

Congratulations to Nick Bideau for calling  "a spade a spade" in his comments that Tamsyn Lewis is a C-grade athlete. She is a C-grade (male) athlete.  Any club male athlete who can run 51 seconds for 400m would, with an accumulated volume of 20,000 to 24,000km behind them, would have run 1:54-1:56 by now.

After more than 10 years of running Tamsyn could easily have accumulated this volume but its doubtful she would have averaged the required 40k per week to achieve this. At present she is running an 800m time equivalent to an athlete running about 30k per week. That is equivalent to spending 2-3 hours per week of running - a joke by international standards.

In retorting to Nick's comment, Tamsyn quotes being coached by Sebastian Coe and Daly Thompson, both great athletes, but neither have any signicifant record of coaching middle/long distance runners. In fact Peter Coe, Sebastian's coach, coached only Sebastian so even his methodology needs rigorous scrutiny. Great coaches, like Arthur Lydiard, Percy Cerutty and Franz Stampl, produce numerous high quality athletes. Basically the Coe methods have no pedrigee.

Tamsyn needs to start running 6 to 8 hours per week with 20 to 35% of this being high quality as well as spending 2 to 3 hours in auxiliary traing and another 2 to 3 hours in regeneration.