Sunday, 16 December 2007

Canberra HIM

Carol Baker, 6:24:20 (20th F35-39), 39:54 (16th)-3:44:30 (19th)-1:59:54 (15th)

Tammy Banfield - withdrew prior to race.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Anaconda (Lorne) Adventure Race Dec 9th 2007
This Adventure race consisted of a:
1) 1.9k Swim/500m Run (over rocks) - 13k Paddle - 11.2k run - 23k XC MTB course - 2.8k (beach) run. Deanna's time was 4:45:01 and her splits were 29:38-1:31:02-1:14:36-1:16:41-13:01.
For more on this rapidly growing sport visit:

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Fiesta Bowl 5k/21.1k in Phoenix, Arizona, Dec 9th 2007
Kari Cornwell 2nd 40-44 AG 21.1k 1:22:36. Kari finished 3rd overall.
Dwight Cornwell 1st 60-64 AG 5k 18:06. Dwight won his age group by 3 minutes and finished 10th overall. Comment to me when I asked why he had given me Kari's place but not his own was "I went out slowly for the first mile to protect my hamstring and didn’t kick the last quarter mile again to protect my hamstring. My average heart rate for the first mile was only 143. So I feel pretty comfortable that I could have run faster (doesn’t every runner think that?)!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Gatorade Race 2 Results

Elwood 500-20-5

Mark finishes third in his age group, Alison & Pip both finish top 10 in the F15-19 and Gary gets a top 10 in his age group. Karl breaks 20min on the run for the first time! Well done everyone.

Jarratt Morgan 1:00:47 (66 overall, 13th M25-29) 7:53-1:17-30:06-1:22-20:05
Mark Travill 1:04:22 (160 overall, 3rd 50-54) 8:03-1:23-32:57-1:30-20:26
Chris O'Donnell 1:05:19 (197 overall, 20th M35-39) 7:56-2:24-33:33-1:41-19:42
Jeff Beavis 1:06:08 (238 overall, 14th M40-44) 8:06-1:24-34:48-1:17-20:31
Darren Schonewille 1:07:58 (330 overall, 56th 30-34) 9:32-1:29-33:27-1:21-22:06
Karl Augustin 1:08:08 (342 overall, 19th M45-49) 9:27-1:58-34:59-1:46-19:55
Daniel Moloney* 1:15:05 (742 overall, 136th M30-34) 8:52-2:01-38:30-1:38-24:01
Gary Blake 1:15:46 (788 overall, 7th M60-64) 10:08-1:50-36:46-2:09-24:50
Alison Travill 1:15:51 (795 overall, 7th F15-19) 8:08-1:36-39:33-1:49-24:44
Angelo Pagano* 1:17:49 (884 overall, 62nd M40-44) 14:29-1:44-37:08-1:58-22:27
Noel Britt 1:19:46 (955 overall, 68th M40-44) 9:30-1:47-38:02-2:00-28:24
Simon Stratus* 1:20:54 (999 overall, 74th M40-44) 10:21-1:57-40:21-2:05-26:08
Josie Gioffre 1:21:29 (1026 overall, 29th F35-39) 11:25-2:28-39:08-2:09-26:15
Pip Hodgetts 1:24:43 (1130 overall, 10th F15-19) 8:53-1:39-49:43-1:51-22:35
Michelle Le Cornu* 1:25:03 (1140 overall, 59th F30-34) 12:16-2:20-41:44-1:40-27:01
Phil Caligiuri* 1:04:00 (DQ) 11:59-3:08-20:18-2:25-26:15 - Phil's first hit out in Gatorade - he only did one lap on the bike and took the run easy

*Ascot Vale athletes

Saturday, 8 December 2007

AV Interclub Rd 7 Eastern Region
Matt O'connor ran his first 1500m in the AV Interclub Rd 7 at Nunawading. Matt was hampered by a sore calf at the 800m mark and had to ease off finishing in 4:30.5.
Craig Graham ran his 1500m in 5:32.9 and followed this with a 200m in 29.39.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Aust.All Schools and Youth Track and Field Champs
Penny Townshend ran yet another PB in finishing 4th in the U/16 3000m at the National All School Championships in 10:42:00
Grace Thek also placed 5th in U/17 3000m in a time of 10:08:68 Grace said the pace was very fast at the start.
Grace also competed in the U /17 2000m steeplechase but was disappointed in her barrier clearances yet still managed to come home 3rd in 7:04.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Sussan Classic 5k/10k
Grace Thek 5k - 2nd
Nadelle Legge 10k - 3rd

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Ironman WA, Busselton (3.8-180-42.2)
Jamie Morgan 24th M30-34 and 124th overall, 3.8k Swim 55:33- 180k Bike 5:05:52- 42.2k Run 3:54:41-9:56:08. This time included 5 minutes "resting" in the penalty box during the ride and another 5 minutes taping his knee prior to the run. A great effort from Jamie.


Sunday, 2 December 2007

Victorian Sprint Distance Triathlon C'ships (0.6-20-5)
Rob Raulings: 12th M35-39 in the Orbea TriSeries Race 2. Rob's splits were: 15:47.8-1:41.8-36:46.1-1:21.9-23:45.7 Total 1:19:23.2


Saturday, 1 December 2007

AV Round 6, 1st December 2007

AV Interclub Round 6 - North West Region

Aaron Heaney 3000m, 10:24.82, 8th MOP1

AV Interclub Round 6 - East Region

Craig Graham 800m, 2:29.5, 6th MOP4
Matt O'Connor 3000m; 9:27 P, 4th MOP2

Thursday, 29 November 2007

AV Premier League
Grace Thek: 3000m 9:59.12

Saturday, 24 November 2007

AV Round 5, 24th November 2007

Eastern Region

Penny Townshend: 1500m - 4:59.99. This is a 3 second improvement in a week and means a 12 second improvement this season.
Grace Thek: 400m - 1:02.8 PB
Inge Watson: 1500m - 6:05.0, 12th FOP1
Craig Graham: 200m - 29.6, 8t MOP4; 1500m - 5:13.8, 2nd MOP4

North West Region

Jean-Claude LeGras 1500m- 5:01; 8th MOP2
Aaron Heaney 5000m- 17:54.64; 8th MOP1

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Seagate 5k (USA)
After a few months of interuppted training due to work and a minor injuries Yurik came back strongly in very strong field.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Shepparton HIM 18th November 2007

Shepparton Half Ironman 18th November 2007

Well done to Chris and Stephen:

Chris O'Donnell 5:03:02 (1.9-90-21.1), 30:36-2:53:25-1:39:01, 31st M35-39

Stephen Gowers 6:13:26(1.9-90-21.1), 34:32-3:16:59-2:21:55, 63rd M45-49

Chris came in about 6 minutes faster than predicted.  

Stephen also went faster than predicted and that was after he lost 5 minutes fixing his chain.

Great work!


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Gatorade Triathlon Rd1 November 18th 2007

Gatorade Race 1, St Kilda Nov 18th 2007

Jarratt Morgan, 500-20-5, 1:02:35, 4th M25-29 6:47-1:41-32:16-1:18-20:29

Mark Travill, 500-20-5, 1:06:43, 3rd M50-54 7:05-1:30-34:34-1:53-21:39

Jeff Beavis, 500-20-5, 1:08:02, 13th M40-44 7:08-1:31-35:27-1:30-22:23

Karl Augustin, 500-20-5, 1:08:37, 17th M45-49 7:52-1:48-35:52-2:08-20:54

Darren Schonewille, 500-20-5, 1:10:36, 40th M30-34 8:00-1:46-36:21-1:27-22:59

Pip Hodgetts, 500-20-5, 1:21:45, 10th F15-19 7:08-1:46-47:47-1:30-23:31 (no wetsuit & with a mountain bike!)

Noel Britt, 500-20-5, 1:23:26, 67th M40-44 8:38-1:51-39:07-2:23-31:24

Josie Gioffre, 500-20-5, 1:26:42, 24th F35-39 10:35-2:14-43:13-2:53-27:44


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Nepean Triathlon Series Race 1, NSW, 18th November 2007
Jack MOXEY recorded a time of 1:35:05 for the 1k-30k-10k race to place 2nd in his U19 division and 10th overall. Splits: Swim 12:49 - Ride 44.50 - Run 37:07.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

AV Round 4, 18th November 2007

Premier League Round 1 Nov 17th 2007

Grace Thek 1500m, 4:41.7, 1st F

AV Interclub Round 4 - East Region Nov 17th 2007

Penny Townshend 1500m, 5:02.9, 1st F16
Inge Watson 1500m, 6:18.6, 5th FOP2
Craig Graham 800m, 2:31.7, 6th & 1500m, 5:12.3, 6th MOP3
Matt O'OConnor 800m, 2:05. One second off a PB by trying to pass on the inside hurts!

AV Interclub Round 4  - NorthWest Region Nov 17th 2007

Aaron Heaney 800m, 2:18.99, 2nd MOP3



Sunday, 11 November 2007

Melton Djerriwarrh Festival Fun Run, November 4th 2007

Djerriwarrh Festival Fun Run 11th November

Aaron Heaney, 8k, 1st Male, 25:46

Inge Watson, 8k, 1st Female, 37:12

Well done guys!


Friday, 9 November 2007

US Olympic Marathon Trials, November 4th 2007
Congratulations to Ryan Hall on winning the US Olympic Marathon Trials in 2:09:02. Ryan ran with the field for the first 21.1k (1:06:17) before blitzing them with a second 21.1k in 1:02:45.
Ryan was coached as a HS athlete by Irv Ray, the co-author, of Run With The Best. For more on Ryan’s training as a high school athlete check out Chapter 28 in our book “Run With The Best”

Friday, 9 November 2007

New York Marathon, November 4th 2007
Rose's official time 5.23.17 and I finished in 33,347th place. Her goal was 5 hours but a sudden rush of adrenalin mid race which had her jumping to 4:30 hour pace (perhaps being so close to Tom) had to be accounted for later!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Noosa 5k Bolt, November 4th 2007
More details on this race coming.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

AV Round 3

AV Round 3

AV Interclub Round 3 - East Region Nov 1st 2007

Grace Thek, 3000m, 10:00.0, 1st F16

Craig Graham, 800m, 2:35.9, 1st MOP4

Inge Watson, 3000m, 13:11.9, 8th FOP1

AV Interclub Round 3 - North West Region Nov 3rd 2007

Aaron Heaney, 3000m, 10:37.53, 9th MOP1

Jean-Claude Legras, 3000m, 10:58, 8th MOP2

Jean-Claude Legras, 400m, 1:04.6, 8th MOP2

Jean-Claude Legras, 800m, 2:22.72, 10th MOP2

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Amsterdam 21.1k, October 28th 2007
Bernadette overcame some pre race issues to record 1:48:11 in Amsterdam to register a 2 minute PB

Saturday, 27 October 2007

AV Round 2

AV Interclub Round 2 - NorthWest Region Oct 27th 2007

Aaron Heaney 5000m, 18:01.65, 7th MOP1

Jean-Claude LeGras 1500m, 5:02.29, 3rd MOP3

Jean-Claude LeGras 5000m, 19:31.76, 5th MOP2

AV Interclub Round 2 - East Region Oct 27th 2007

Grace Thek 3000m, 10:27.6, 2nd F18

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Weekend results

AV Interclub Round 1 Oct 20th 2007:

Grace Thek 800m, 2:21.4, 1st F18

Matt (aka Christopher) O'Connor 800m, 2:04.3; 2nd MOP2 (in his words "ran it silly" - did first 200 in 25 seconds!)

Craig Graham 200m. 30.2.9th INV

Craig Graham 800m, 2:34.0, 5th INV

Aaron Heaney 800m, 2:19.55, 4th MOP3

Jean-Claude (JC) Legras 800m, 2:26.29, 2nd MOP4

Race 6 Duathlon, Yan Yean October 21st 2007:

Angelo Pagano (Ascot Vale branch) 7:58, 22:43, 4:37, 35:18 (Total) 3rd Men's Dash (2/10/1)



Saturday, 13 October 2007

Hawaii Ironman October 13th 2007
Mark Travill (11:32:55) and Janet Miller (14:48:32 hr) meet all their expectations in their first Hawaii Ironman on a very hot, windy Kona day. Mark swam 1:08:42/3.8k – rode 6:03:42/180k – run 4:09:40/42.2k and Janet swam 1:09:33/3.8k – rode 7:44:13/180k – run 5:33:43/42.2k.

Monday, 8 October 2007

The Melbourne Marathon
*Danny Hawksworth 2:40:25. A great top 20 finish and a narrow victory over the leading lady!
*Josie Gioffre 4:43:27. Considering the first 21.1k was 2:06 hr and a PB for Josie this was an amazing effort. It also suggests a little more relaxed 2:10-2:12 could see Josie run 4:30 hr.
*Penny Koster 4:09 hour. Penny is all fired up by this great first up effort to go again!
*Helen Cheng 4:00:18 (Great first up run considering 2 major interruptions and drink problems)
Craig Racine 4:06hr. Craig entered to accompany his dad. Not bad for 60+!

Half Marathon
*Nadelle Legge 1:19:51hr (4th Open). A strong 85% threshold run.
Julie Clarke 2:05 hour. Julie was happy with this effort but is now keen to “go faster”.
*Pat Madden 2:41:00 A courageous effort considering Pat “felt quite ill”.
Gudrun Lahm 2:12:29 hr. A 12 min pb
*Aaron Heaney 1:46 hr. Aaron was entered in the marathon but did the 21.1k as his long run due to sickness over the last few weeks so it was an excellent “long run”!
*John Bahoric 1.50.48. John has run better but the result that can be explained by program changes.
Lisa Stanley 1:53 hour. An amazing performance considering Lisa’s interrupted preparation due to constant travel and her late arrival into Melbourne on Saturday.
Stephen Gowers 2:03 hr. Considering this was a first up effort and leaving home at 5am Stephen ran well and is now aiming for a sub 2 hr. This race is a great base for someone heading into the Triathlon season.

*Karl Augustin 40:01 but sub 40 actually (3rd AG)
*Neda Jamishida 50:26. A pb.
*Norma Gonzalez Official time 45:29, I'm wrapped!
Bernadette Wyer 49:09 (pb) 1st Sub 50.......yippy.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Triathlon (ITU) World Championships. Hamburg, Germany
Rob Raulings finishes 28th in age group in ITU Sprint championships, Jeff Beavis 99th in age group in ITU Olympic distance champs. Well done guys!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Australian Cross Country Championships, Sept 1st 2007
Jayde Anderson 5th in 11:34.
Jayde was the second Victorian behind 3 Queenslanders and finished 20 seconds behind the winner.
Grace Thek 11th (NT yet).
Despite an interrupted preparation Grace ran a compeitive race and achieved selection for the 2008 World Schools XC Championship in Czechoslovakia.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Yeppon Half Ironman 19th August 2007
Yeppoon Half Ironman, 19th August 2007
Jamie Morgan ~4:48 hours. A promising start to Jamie's Busselton IM 2007 campaign.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

City to Surf, 12th August 2007
City to Surf 14.5k, 12th August 2007
Matt O'Connor - 52:05. Matt ran a PB despite having just recovered from a cold.
Nadelle Legge - 53:00. Due to a head cold Nadelle was not able to run at her best but still managed to averaged sub 4 minute kilometres.

Friday, 3 August 2007

VSSSA State XC Championships, 3rd August 2007.
Jayde Anderson 3k XC 10:50.
On a tough hilly XC course Jayde was 20 seconds clear of the rest of the field which included several other national team members.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Victorian XC Championships, 21st July 2007
Jayde Anderson 1st U14 in 10:25 for 3k.
A fantastic result because as well as winning, she beat an outstanding opponent for the first time. Jayde is off the the Nationals.
Penny Townshend 9th U15. Unfortunately Penny was not quite at her best and finished the race looking pale and feeling quite dizzy. However her top 10 finish has qualified her for the Nationals.
Grace Thek 2nd U17 in 14:16 & 3rd overall in the combined U17and U18 4k race. She too is off the the Nationals.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sri Chimnoy 30k, 15th July 2007
Helen Cheng 2:36 hr & 14th in her Age Group.
This puts Helen on target for a marathon 3:45 hour result.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Gold Coast Marathon, 1st July 2007
Half Marathon
Norma Gonzales (30-35) - 1:40:14. A 6 minute PB
Norma also showed how far she has progressed in the last 12 months by recording a 10k PB of 46:40 enroute!
Craig Racine (40-44) - 3:33:04. A 12 minute PB.
This was a great result based on a meticulous preparation. Next goal - break the 5'/km barrier.
Sam Flanders (35-40) - 3:15:15.
While not a PB this was an excellent run considering Sam was hampered by hamstring tightness early and then making some major employment advances as well as a 'horror' trip getting from Perth to the Gold Coast just prior to the race.
Karen Travill (50-54) - 4:35:09.
Karen completed her first marathon courageously after some unexpected problems at the 18k mark.
Cam Whitehead (30-34) - No details yet
Mark Travill (50-54) & Janet Miller (50-54) - these guys ran with Karen and used the race as a lead in to their Hawaii Ironman preparation.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Western Suburbs Duathlon June 24th 2007
5k Run -20k Bike -5k Run
Carole Baker (30-39) 2nd & 5th Overall Female 1:28:58 (22:39-4:06-24:13)
Tammy Banfield (40-49) 1st & 7th Overall Female 1:33:21 (24:48-43:14-25:20)

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Athletics Victoria XC Championships, 23rd June 2007
AV Womens XC
Grace Thek 1st 6k 21:59
Grace was a clear winner by nearly 30 seconds, averaging 3:40 per km on the challenging course. The merit of the time is shown by the fact a former EPS athlete Sarah Grahame, herself an outstanding athlete, averaged 3:48 per km in the U20 4k race.
Aaron Heaney 16k 1:02:10 98th Open MOP2 Men's
Karl Augustine 16k 1:09:38 264th Open MOP4 Men's

Monday, 18 June 2007

Run to the 'G', Melbourne, 17th June 2007
Gary Blake (50-60) 10k/55:35
Norma Gonzales (40-50) Estimated sub 48'/10k (Possible PB, placing lost)
Aaron Heaney (18-39) 10k/46:02. (Aaron ran this pacing a friend)
Vanora Mulvenna (18-39) 55:35/10k PB
Chris O'Donnell (18-39) 21.1k/1:42:03.
Lisa Williams (18-39) 10k/54'00"

Monday, 18 June 2007

All Schools Road Relays, June 16th 2007
Jayde Anderson: Run 1 - 7:20/2k & Run 2 - 7:06/2k.
Only two members from her team turned up, so Jayde and the other girl ran 2 legs each. Amazingly they ran second place in the Under 14 girls.
Penny: 7:00/2k.
Penny did the first leg in 7.00 for 2km and brought them in at 2nd place. They finished 4th girls team in the Under 16.
Grace: 9:45/3k.
Grace also ran the first leg in the Under 18 girls. She came in at 2nd place

Monday, 28 May 2007

Bolder Boulder (USA) 10k, May 28th 2007
Kari Cornwell 38:28. 3rd 35-39 Age group; 18th OA.
Bolder Boulder is the 3rd biggest footrace in the world. Run on Memorial Day in the Boulder, Colorado, USA it had in excess of 50,000 starters this year. For more visit

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Victorian All Schools XC Relays, 26th June 2007
U14 Girls 3km 11:50 Jayde Anderson, Eltham Secondary College. Male time: 11:05. Only 6% faster than Jayde.
U18 Girls 4km 14:48 Grace Thek, Methodist Ladies College.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Girls Schools of Victoria Final, 25th May 2007
Grace Thek 1st 14:56
Pip Hodgetts 10th
Penny Townshend 8th

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Great Ocean Road Race, 20th May 2007
Nadelle Legge 1st 1:30:10. This was an excellent effort considering it was less than a month after Nadelle placed 9th in Strongman Japan.
Janet Miller 2:21:24 hour. Janet ran this race with a friend as part of her Hawaii IM build up.
Alissa Jones 5:19:36 hour. Alissa wanted to complete 45k as this qualifies her for long ultra distance races.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

GSV Championships, 15th May 2007
Senior Race
Grace Thek 14:20 1st.
Pip Hodgetts 15:20 3rd
Intermediate Race
Penny Townshend 15:12 1st

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

VSSSA Zone T&F Championships, May 15th 2007
Jayde Anderson 1st 800m & 1500m.
In a great effort not helped the officials failure to record times, Jayde beat all the boys as well as the girls in her races. She now moves to the Metro Finals on May 17th.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Melbourne Mother's Day Classic, May 13th, 2007
Sam Cook 31:57 4th/44th. A great effort.
Chris Thek (Grace's dad) 34:46 157th
Grace Thek (15) 14:33 2nd/15th. Another great effort.
Gideon Joseph 15:31 26th

Saturday, 12 May 2007

AV 15k Road Championship, 12th May 2007
Aaron Heaney (33) 57:09.
Aaron averaged 19:02 per 5k to finish 101st in the 15k AV 15k Championship. A great effort.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Puffing Billy 13.2k Race
Mark Travill 57:18 v Train 57:54.
Despite being beaten to the "crossing" and having to wait for the train to pass through Mark ended up one of the many 'victors' who covered the 13.2k faster than Melbourne's most famous steam engine.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Busselton Half Ironman, May 5th 2007
Despite many things from minor injury to work committments, from doing the event for the first time to race incidents the average result for the group at the Busselton Half Ironman was 20 minutes better than predicted. While up to 10 minutes of this time could be attributed to the perfect conditions the rest is a tribute to the athletes.
Sharon Broadley (35-39) 6:05 hours
Lisa Bryne (35-39) 6:30 hours
*Josie Gioffre (30-35) 6:25 hours
*Julie King (50-54) 5:20 hours 2nd AG
*Suzanne Shaw (45-50) 6:31 hours
Katrine Spence (30-35) 5:07 hours
Andrew Jones (35-40) 5:47 hours
*Rod Dedman (40-45) 5:13 hours
Cam Whitehead (30-34) 5:50 hours
*Tri Alliance athletes

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Princes Park 5k/10k, April 29th 2007
Lisa Williams: 1st place in the women's 5k in 22:28. An excellent effort fo ra comebacking athlete.
Claudia Bacesh: 3rd women's 10k in 50:53. Another excellent effort as Claudia was running under instructions at 80% yet recorded a time only 6% off her PB.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bill Chambers Club 6k Handicap, April 21st 2007
If this was an accurately measured course Grace's fast time of 22:38 represents a significant step toward her goal of following in Sarah Grahame's footsteps of representing Australia at the 2008 IAAF World Junior XC Championships.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Strongman Japan (3k-155k-42.2k), 22nd April 2007
Nadelle Legge 9th. 9:26:56 (54:10-4:59:33-3:33:23)

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Paris Marathon April 15th 2007
Peter's time was a tremendous effort considering his preparation was limited to running twice per week and the extreme temperature that forced many elite athletes to withdraw.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Hawaii Ironman 2007
Ironman Mark Travill now joins Hawaii bound EPS IM'ers Janet Miller and Peter Clark. Despite improving 35 minutes on his 2006 debut time and recording a time that would have won his age group in last year Mark was just one slot from a 2007 roll down. Justice was done when he gained a lottery slot. EPS is proud to gain 3 slots from 7 entrants.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

ITU World Championships
Congratulations to Jeff Beavis and Rob Raulings on their respective selections into the ITU Olympic Distance & Sprint Distance Championships in Hamburg, Germany on September 2nd, 2007.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Run for Kids, April 1st 2007

3.4k Run
Grace Thek: A great 3rd in a time of 11:17
15.2k Run
Craig Racine: His 1:05:16 was a giant step forward. Craig (39) had never previously broken 42' for 10k but ran the last 10k in 39:50!
Kathy Rundle: Training for the 2000m SC during the last 12 months produced a 5' PB for Kathy as she finished in 1:06:03
Kristine Hopkins: Despite just finishing competing over sprint distances at AV interclub Kristine showed her triathlon Half IM strength is still present with her 1:08:19.
Gary Blake: In recording 1:23:38 Gary (59) averaged just under 5:30 per km. A great effort. Next stop a sub 4hr Ironman marathon! 

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Australian Ironman Triathlon, April 1st 2007

Peter Clarke* 9:31 and 1st in the 40-45 AG.
Janet Miller 13:23 3rd 50-54 AG. A 2 hour improvement on IM OZ 2006.
Mark Travill 10:45 7th 50-54 AG. A 50 minute improvement on IM OZ 2006.
Jamie Morgan 10:57 30-34 AG. A great result result as Jamie has had chronic knee problems since 1997 and still managed a sub 6'/km average.
Darren Schonwille 11:31 hour. A great first up result for someone who is time challenged due to running a landscaping business.
Nerissa Stafford DNF had major bike problems and did not get to run (her strength) at all.
* EPS Newcastle. Well done Ben Higginbottom
Well done also to former EPS athlete Jacqui Wrightson, now living in Sydney, on her 10:31hr Hawaii qualifier. Jacqui qualified in 2006 but could not go.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Gatorade Triathlon (800m-30k-8k) Portarlington Results, March 25th 2007

 Jarratt Morgan

25-29 M
Jeff Beavis40-44 M177170:14:010:48:590:33:271:39:17
Robert Scapin*40-44 M
Rod Dedman*45-49 M336180:14:320:50:420:37:441:46:13
Julie King*50-54 F37110:15:300:51:270:38:051:48:07
Gary Blake55-59 M49180:17:200:51:170:40:571:53:30
Mandy Newman35-39 F503100:16:120:54:050:39:521:54:09
Noel Britt35-39 M 576930:17:050:54:290:42:521:58:37
Suzanne Shaw*45-49 F60150:17:360:57:130:42:28

Josie Gioffre*

30-34 F643290:19:380:57:480:44:482:06:09

*EPS/TA athletes

Philippa Hodgetts Kids 15-17 F 15 1 5:12-24:40-9:22 39:16

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Australian Open & U20 T&F Championships, March 9-11 2007
Sarah Grahame 3rd 3000m SC 10:54.25

Saturday, 3 March 2007

AV Interclub Rd 12, Mar 6th 2007
Aaron Heaney 17:37.10, 5000m, 5th Div 1 (if exclude Premier League which was run on a separate night)

Aaron had just returned from a two week rest and felt he had no energy. Despite that, he was able to pull away from Fitzie in the last lap.

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