Sunday, 14 December 2008

Canberra Half Ironman, December 14th 2008
Matt finished 6th overall and 1st in his age group.
6 117 Matthew BAILEY 04:26:58 1824 1 Male 6
Williamstown, VIC
Swim = 00:28:44 10 1 10
Bike = 02:37:03 10 1
Run = 1:21:10 4 1 4

172 280 Gavin HICKS 05:32:34 3034 48 Male 162
Rowville, VIC
Swim = 00:39:18 213 48 192
Bike = 03:02:16 136 39 130
Run = 1:50:58 230 61 207

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Brooks/Gatorade Race 2, December 14th, 2008
Due to the heavy rain in the previous 48 hours, the swim was replaced by a run. The first time in the history of the series that two races have had swims cancelled.

Gatorade 1500m run-20k bike-5k run
Jamie Morgan 1:01:32, 7th M30-34, 5:53-1:13-32:36-1:12-20:37
Jarratt Morgan 1:02:02, 8th M30-34, 5:54-1:08-32:39-1:14-21:06
Nadelle Legge 1:05:53, 1st F35-39, 5:57-1:12-37:35-1:17-19:51
Karl Augustin 1:06:04, 4th M50-54, 6:14-1:16-36:12-1:35-20:46
Jeff Beavis 1:06:42, 12th M40-44, 6:19-1:01-36:33-1:12-21:36
Trent Churchill* 1:09:59, 59th M30-34, 5:58-1:24-40:17-1:27-20:53
Phil Caligiuri* 1:11:35, 14th M45-49, 6:47-1:27-37:08-1:34-24:39
Rochelle Kursidim 1:14:02, 6th F35-39, 6:56-1:11-40:15-1:40-24:00
Pip Hodgetts 1:14:19, 3rd F15-19, 6:20-1:10-44:00-1:24-21:24
Jody Gilchrist* 1:14:35, 5th F40-44, 6:40-1:20-42:10-1:47-22:37
Peter Saw* 1:21:25, 48th M1st timers, 7:21-1:30-43:38-2:05-26:50
Josie Gioffre 1:22:27, 17th F35-39, 8:21-1:49-42:50-2:18-27:08
Marie Maguire* 1:24:02, 2nd F55-59, 7:52-1:45-47:14-1:46-25:25
Michelle Le Cornu* 1:25:16, 3rd Family & Friends, 7:50-1:15-47:38-1:31-27:01
Kath Taylor 1:25:42, 25th F30-34, 8:15-2:04-43:21-2:00-30:01

Exciting racing from the Morgan twins, with the lead changing a number of times, resulting in 35th and 36th fastest bike splits in the whole field.

It's good to see Nadelle back out showing them how it's done. The conditions were perfect for the ex National Duathlon Champion.

Congratulations to Pip and Marie, not only for their top 3 finishes but also for having the fastest 2nd run splits in their age groups. Go girls!

Brooks 500run-8k bike-2k run
Daniel Moloney* 29:39, 38th M30-39, 2:28-1:26-14:16-1:24-10:04
Kellie Whitefield* 32:53, 9th F40-49, 2:48-0:47-17:11-0:51-11:15

*AVLC athletes

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

AV Round 7 - NW region, 9th December 2008
Sam Wenban, 2:39.03, category place unknown, 2nd in his heat, 800m

Aaron Heaney didn't race

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sussan 10k Classic, Dec 6th 2008
Julie King, 47:30, 5th F50-59 (out of 160)
Josie Gioffre, 52:35, 63rd F35-39
Michelle Le Cornu*, 53:05, 60th F30-34

Josie's dedication to her run training resulted in a time of 52:36 in the Sussan Classic and was a 6:12 improvement on her 2007 race.

Julie goes top 10: "Just reporting back on the Sussan 10K result which was a PB for me! I ... was extremely pleased with this time, especially after my slow run time for 10K in Adelaide."

Michelle Le Cornu went faster than expected.

Well done, ladies.

* Ascot Vale athlete

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Ironman WA, 7th December 2008
Hayden Marshall, 12:22:17, 121st M30-34, 1:05:34-5:37-5:51:50-5:36-5:13:40

Not a bad effort for a first time with limited training due to 80 hour work weeks!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Zatopek B,C & D Divisions, December 6th 2008
Aaron Heaney, 36:54.94, 15th B/C Division, 10000m

This time was only 16sec from a (recent years) PB for Aaron.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

San Francisco 5k XC, Dec 6th 2008
The 5k XC Race: Took off conservatively (due to the blood thinners) and hit the mile mark at roughly 6:05 (normally 5:50). I was concerned but told myself,"you can still run a good race just bring up the effort level and see what happens". ran solid the second mile and hit it at roughly 12:13. still slow but realized that my time would be decent and well worth finishing. I normally run the second mile in about 6 minutes, so 6:08 was pretty good. with about 1k to go I got passed and decided to return the favor. my pace got very fast. I think I had a lot in the tank. i passed a few other guys and hit the finish in 18:41. my last 1.1 (in 6:28) was as fast as any race I have done. overall, it was one of the smoothest races I can remember.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Great Australian Run
Helen Cheng was happy with her 1:09:56 time in the Great Australian Run. Helen's week in the build up had been hectic and during the race tiredness, soreness and blisters kept her company. Helen said she was tired but happy with her time, "just under 70minutes is good- i was glad it was over!" .

Sunday, 30 November 2008

NSW Triathlon Pro Tour Race 2, Nov 29th 2008
1 17 Jack MOXEY 00:55:22 Elite 1 Male 1 CAMDEN, NSW Swim 00:10:32; Bike 00:29:37 Run 00:15:11
Jack had the 5th best swim, 8th fastest bike and 2nd fastest run.
2 8 Bryan KEANE 00:55:27 Elite 2 Male 2 IRELAND Swim 00:11:31; Bike 00:29:04; 00:14:50
3 9 Jesse FEATONBY 00:55:47 Elite 3 Male 3 LAVINGTON, NSW Swim 00:10:34; Bike 00:29:35; Run 00:15:36.
4 1 Sam APPLETON 00:56:02 Elite 4 Male 4 WARRIMOO, NSW Finished 00:10:31 4 4 4 00:29:43 11 10 11 00:15:47 5 5 5

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Challenge Series, Adelaide, November 30th 2008
Julie King, 2:36:07, 1500-40-10, 5th F50-54, 32:48-1:10:18-52:59.

Julie's comments. (Note "sharks!")
I was quite happy with my results at Glenelg on the weekend coming in 5th out of 18 competitors Ive never done an Australian race with that number participating in my age group before! Looks like theyre coming out of the woodwork for the World Champs at the Gold Coast!
I was 3rd on the swim which also included the time in & out of transition. The swim course was finally a rectangle after changes in options from an M shaped course to an A to B. The word was, they were chasing some sighted sharks off-shore on Saturday and during the swim on Sunday we had a Westpac surf rescue chopper hovering over us. On Saturday the surf was up with very strong winds but luckily the next day the water was reasonably flat but with a strong head-on current for the return leg.
The lead girl swam 29:41 and second was 32:29. As you can see from my placings, I gradually dropped back as the race progressed! I was struggling a bit with a re-infection in my upper jaw and was dosed up on Nurofen which made me feel nauseous the timing of this painful swelling was not good!
Julie is definitely in contention for the Worlds. Go Jules!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

AV Round 6 - East Region
Craig Graham 800m 2:23.2

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

AV Round 6 - NW region, 25th November 2008
Sam Wenban, 11:44.13, 1st M14 3000m

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Spring Into Shape Race 3
Pat Madden has once again run a PB in the 4km event of the Spring Into Shape series. Pat's new PB is 24':49.37.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Brooks/Gatorade Race 1, November 23rd, 2008
Due to the poor water quality, a 500m/2km run replaced the 150/500m swim.

Gatorade 2/20/5:
Jamie Morgan, 1:02:06, 11th M30-34, 7:25-1:17-32:05-1:12-20:06
Jarratt Morgan, 1:05:28, 23rd M30-34, 7:26-1:24-32:49-1:59-21:49
Karl Augustin, 1:08:19, 5th M50-54, 8:00-1:11-36:23-1:38-21:06
Trevor Harrison*, 1:08:46, 33rd M25-29, 7:41-1:35-36:41-1:33-21:15
Jeff Beavis, 1:10:54, 22nd M40-44, 8:17-1:11-37:59-1:33-21:53
Angelo Pagano*, 1:14:13, 15th M45-49, 7:48-1:44-39:01-2:26-23:13
Pip Hodgetts, 1:18:23, 2nd F15-19, 8:02-1:16-43:52-2:19-22:53
Mandy Newman, 1:21:20, 19th F35-39, 9:41-1:29-39:59-2:32-27:38
Kristine Hopkins, 1:21:35, 16th F30-34, 8:41-1:30-44:13-2:08-25:02
Marie Maguire*, 1:27:00, 3rd F55-59, 9:46-1:28-46:49-2:23-26:33
Chanel Ross*, 1:30:15, 29th F1st timer, 10:02-1:19-44:49-2:18-31:46

Brooks 500/5/1.5:
Kellie Whitefield*, 31:16, 5th F40-49, 3:02-1:56-15:58-1:07-9:12
Andrew Edbrooke*, 33:38, 101st M30-39, 3:06-2:16-15:37-2:13-10:25

* Ascot Vale athletes

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Corporate Games, 22nd November 2008
Julie King, 50:07, 10k, 1st F50+

"My time was not quite as good as last year - perhaps because of the rain and strong, cold winds!" Very probably - 9.5 degrees and gusts to 72kph!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hexman, 16th November, 2008
Hayden Marshall, 1:41:09, 633-30-7, 18th M30-39, 9:35-1:00:11-31:21

Just an appetizer for Hayden. Busso's the main game.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Shepparton Half Ironman, September 16th 2008
Michael Bohnke, 5:04:35, 33rd M40-44, 36:16-2:45:54-1:42:23
Had a good race on Sunday at least and no problems after my recent injury so full speed ahead for Port Macquarie now!

Phil Caligiuri, 5:56:42, 52nd M45-49, 51:20-2:59:25-2:05:55
Had a hell of a time first to find I had a flat in the bike compound, then in the swim found it
very difficult to breathe and the 300 metre mark a life jacket was thrown out to me which in turn
cost me a few mins, I was coming last but at the last 400 metres I saw two competitors and caught
My Bike leg was my best by far 2.51 on the bike computer very windy really had to work most of it.
I would of liked to of pressed the run a bit
more but had a bit of pain in the lower back and feared I would not finish at times but it eased off
after the first lap and I started passing more than being passed all in all I had great fun and surprisingly I only fall over when I try to walk.
By the way my blood type used to be O positive but now I sure it has changed to citrus gel negative.

A good effort by both of them given the wind was gusting to 50km/h!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

AV Round 4 - NW region, 15th November 2008
Aaron Heaney, 0:4:47, 1500m, 9th MOP3

Saturday, 15 November 2008

AV Round 4 - East Region
Craig Graham ran a second 1500m PB for this season at Ringwood in 4:48.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

TriSeries Challenge Race 1, 9th November, 2008
Rob Raulings, 1:04:09, 500-20-5, 6th M40-44, 8:09-1:01-33:19-1:21-20:18

Pretty much a PB for me. Winner 1:00:55, Me 1:04:09, 0:03:14 behind 5.3% last seasons best was about 9%.

Katherine Taylor, 1:24:59, 500-20-5, 9th F30-34, 10:38-2:12-41:58-2:16-27:54.

I was really happy with my run - I ran faster than I usually do in training, which I wasn't expecting! It was a great introduction to season 08/09!. Paul Visentini (our club physio) was also very impressed and said "She is a great example of how we can 'change a body'! Very satisfying if we can get her through a season of racing." Well done Kath (and Paul!).

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Noosa Triathlon, 2nd November 2008
Matt swam 0:18:20; rode 1:03:09hr and ran 37:33 for a final time of 1:59:03. He finished 25th overall and 4th in his AA (Junior Elite) category.

Janet Miller, 23:14, 1000m, 6th F50-59
Janet raced the 1k Eyeline Ocean swim.

Rochelle Kursidim swam 26:53,Bike 1:16.30 and run 48:37 for a total 2:32.01. Rochelle was 9th in her age group and 67th female overall and was "very happy" with her PB especially her run time which was around 5 minutes faster than last year.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Triathlon Pink, November 2nd, 2008
Julie King, 31:26, 300-9-3, 1st F50-54, 4:50-17:03-10:46
Mandy Newman, 38:07, 300-9-3, 5th F35-39, 4:46-18:02-15:19
Josie Gioffre, 39:23, 300-9-3, 9th F35-39, 6:08-21:18-11:57
Helen Cheng, 39:47, 300-9-3, 6th F30-34, 7:18-19:04-13:25

Helen was never going to be a triathlete - looks like Jamie's been working on her.

A fun day for the ladies.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

AV round 3 - NW region, 1st November 2008
Karl Augustin, 11:03.65, 3rd M40+
A PB for Karl. Just goes to show that running Tony's new hill course at Studley Park in the morning should be part of everyone's race preparation!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Spring Into Shape Race 2
Jayde Anderson won the women's 4km event and placed 19th overall in 15:43. she said "I felt good running and tucked in behing the leading female for the first 3km then I got in front to lead for the last km"
Lisa Williams placed 7th in the women's 4km event with a time of 18:55

Saturday, 25 October 2008

AV Round 2 - NW region, 25th October 2008
Aaron Heaney, 19:25, 5000m, 20th MOP
Aaron's first hit-out since the marathon.

Karl Augustin, 20:15, 5000m, unofficial results
Karl must have been too fast for the timer! These are hand-timed results by an unbiased observed (wife & coach).

Saturday, 25 October 2008

AV Round 2 - East Region
Craig Graham ran at Box Hill on Saturday in Round 2 of the AV club competitions. Craig's results are 1500m - 5:00.8 "a big PB" and 200m - 27:8.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Coolangatta Gold Surf IM, Oct 19th 2008
Despite being hit by a calf cramp early in the race and having an interrupted preparation due to trying to train with an old injury problem Dean improved his running by 3:30 minutes.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Cardiff 21.1k Oct 19th 2008
Another good news story. 2:04:53 for the 13.1 miles, 9mins aggregate and 30 sec's per km faster than Stockholm. Ran at the same pace consistently throughout the race, 6min k's/9min 36sec miles. I set myself a target of 6 min k's. I ran well early but was concerned that I might not be able to maintain the pace, but my breathing was fine, and legs stayed strong. I was stuffed at the end but was able to run it out, and maintained my pace up to the finish line.
It is now 48 hrs after, no real aches or pains. The ankle and leg are also good. I know they are there, but no serious discomfort, and no limp or ache. I think adrenalin and anti-inflam's are what is the difference from a training run and race day.
It was a big field, 5 minutes after the race started before I got to cross the start line. It was cold and overcast, but no rain, good running conditions. Very picturesque and meant I didn't have to do any siteseeing, we saw it all. A very friendly atmosphere, a real community activity. And the beer was good, very good!
Crossing the line at 3800th, I improved about 800 places on Stockholm and think there is still room for improvement, but not enough to get me in the top 10. I have registered for the Paris half M early March, and might see if there is one in between, maybe December or January.
I think the real challenge now is how to maintain this, or improve another 30sec's per k, and not push the ankle too far. My view is that we keep going forward till we find what is too far, then drop back to the point that is optimum.
Am on recovery this week, start training again next week.
Thanks for the help, advice and encouragement, everyone else just tells me I am stupid!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Amsterdam Half Marathon
Bernadette Wyer reported from Amsterdam that her unofficial time for the half Marathon was 1:50:42.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

AV Round 1 East Region
Jayde Anderson ran an 800m in 2:26.2. giving her 6 th place in the first heat, a mere 2 seconds off her PB. Jayde ran the last leg of the 4 x 400m relay in 68" holding onto the narrow 3rd place she was given and resisting a strong challenge from the athlete running fourth.
Craig Graham ran a strong 800m, running close to his final and best time from last year, in 2:25.30. A great start for the season. He immediately backed up with a 200m in 28.8 , felt tired so close after his 800m, but still managed to run one of his better 200m times.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Australian Sprint Champs, 18th October 2008
Rob Raulings 7th M40-44 750-20-5, 1:09:32: 12:52-34:31-22:07

Swim could have been long, bike 9 x 180 deg turn arounds and some nasty corners.

Solid swim (9th) and bike (5th), average run (15th) - achilles OK but not enough core strength (and base) to run fast I think.

Not bad for a race in the middle of his preparation period.

(Results updated 23/10/08)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Melbourne Marathon Festival, October 12th 2008
Janet Miller: 49:46. 3rd F50-54 A fantastic effort by Janet (50-55) who has not actually broken 60 minutes before although her Ironman run times suggest she would have PB'ed around 56 minutes. Her attendance at the regular Wednesday run sessions has really paid off big time.
Bernadette Wyer: 53.42, This was 4 minutes slower than last year but very good considering how affected her preparation was by a virus and the upcoming Amsterdam Half Marathon is her major goal.
Michelle LeCornu*: 58:00. A good effort by Michelle. Looks like she needs to step up to OD triathlons this season!

Karl Augustin: 1:32:18. Not quite as fast as he'd hoped but he did trash his legs the day before on the ride back from Werribee South.
Marie Maguire*: 1:49:12 4th F55-59. No wonder Marie does so well in the Gatorade series.
Ali Travill: 1:53:56. This an excellent result considering she was running well below full effort for medical reasons.
Julie King: 1:59:08. Julie was going to do this as a long run, but given that she negative split the second half into the head wind, the killer instinct that got her to the Worlds must've taken over!
Julie Clarke 2:00:16. Julie had an interruped preparation also with knee problems.
Stephen Gowers: 2:00:16. Stephen did this as an easy run.
Josie Gioffre: 2:00:22! Another 6 minute PB. Josie says she "was very pleased with that"!
Mandy Newman: 2:01:14. Mandy was frustrated by the crowds, but enjoyed the change of scenery for her long run
Mary Psaila*: 2:09:48. The half-marathon bug's well and truly bitten Mary now. Go Mary!
Sandra Buth DNF

Aaron Heaney: 3:17:28 hr. A great effort for his first ever marathon after an interrupted preparation.
Michael Bohnke: 3:19. Michael's prep was interrupted due to a bad back but still felt he could run a good race on the day. Given he ran 3:03 12 months ago with a good back, I reckon he did pretty good.
Norma Gonzalez had a hard day at the office when she took on the Marathon but was very pleased when she learned her official time was 3:51.41, a new PB.
Melissa Kirby : 4:57.0. Painful leg cramping and an allergy to oak tree blossom blowing in the strong winds made this a tough race for Melissa and a learning curve for her next assult!
John Bahoric finished his first marathon in 4:30. John says " the first 25k was a breeze but from 27km on the head wind made it tough".
Rob Scapin: 4:04. Rob's marathon debut. Good on you.
Daniel Moloney*: 4:28. Daniel hates running and only 6 months ago couldn't run 10k. A great effort, Daniel. Watch out Gatorade.

*Ascot Vale squad

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Tan Relays 21st September 2008
Aaron Heaney 13.46.
Aaron helps his Athletics Essendon team to 4th in Div 4, meaning that it finished third for the year. This is only 16 seconds off his PB and he is unwell. Pretty good effort for a sickie.

Lisa Williams 18:30.
Lisa proves what a team person she is by continuing to race in every relay event this winter. Lisa was the only one to finish in her team

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Technique & Performance, August 20th 2008.
Hi Tony, this is just a feedback email to say thankyou for passing on your knowledge about running techniques to me! I came and had a running technique assessment done about 2 months ago because i was struggling with injury and couldn't go further in my running because of it. After years of physio, massage and numerous other attempts to figure out what was wrong, i came to you and had my technique videoed and assessed. Well on Sunday i competed in my first half marathon and finished completely injury free and feeling great! I attribute this to my new running technique and want to say a big thankyou for helping me to realise my dream of running a half marathon. Thankyou!!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sri Chimnoy 4k, Sept 14th 2008

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sri Chimnoy 21.1k, Sept 14, 2008.
Melissa's Commentary.
I did the half marathon yesterday in 2:14:25. I felt pretty good and strong, although I think I went out a bit too fast. I ran on feeling rather than a disciplined racing plan. My legs are fine, it's the breathing that gets me. I've been on and off planes so much I don't quite know what time zone I am!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Burnely Half Marathon 7th September 2008
Aaron Heaney, 94th MOP1, 1:22:08. This should set Aaz up for a 2:55 marathon.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Stockholm Half Marathon Sept 6th, 2008
Peter has been battling arthritis for over 18 months. After his Paris 2007 marathon he was forced into "retirement" however this did not sit too well with Peter and he determined he would not be 'beaten' by this condition. Well done mate! If all the members of the OZ Olympic team had your determination Australian results would be Ethopian/Kenyan like. / / / Tony.
Pete's summary
Yep, I did it, and pretty pleased with myself.
I did it, finished strongly (up till the 20 k mark) but wooden legged. At 2 hrs 14 mins exact. Did 6.5 mins for most k's right from the start. Then I was running faster and did one km at 5.5 mins, not intensionally so slowed.
It was a picturesque course, but after half way who cares! Hilly but I had no problem with that. It was cold and wet to start, rain stopped then late drizzle.
The race started at 4.30 pm. Weather was obviously cool. Finished feeling ok, not dehydrated but didn't sleep well, body was a bit wired and the ankle ached. Jogged 30 mins this afternoon, got out the stiffness, the ankle recovered ok, much better that I thought it would. Lets see what the next few days produces.
I ran strongly during the race, much faster than in training, so clearly I can do it. I ran a protected the ankle which was the real unknown, and appear to be recovering well. So can I pick up a bit of pace?
Well done coach, thanks".

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Tan Ultra 54km
Melissa Kirby decided to take on the challenge of the 54km Ultra around the Tan as a training run for the upcoming Melbourne Marathon. Melissa ran for 7 hours and 44minutes in her first attempt at this distance. A great confidence builder for the marathon.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

AV Sandown Road Relays
Jayde Anderson joined Penny Townshend and Emily De Luca from Box Hill in the U18 at the Sandown Road Relays. The team placed third and Jayde ran her 3.2km leg in 11:50. Jayde's was the fastest time in her team.

Aaron Heaney, 6200, 22:59. Aaron's team placed 10th in Men's Div 1.
Lisa Williams, 6200, 30:39. Lisa's team placed 6th in Women's Div 1.

Friday, 1 August 2008

VSSSA Cross Country State Finals
Jayde Anderson lead all the way in her race in the VSSSA State Cross Country Finals at Bundoora. She finished about 10 seconds in front of her next competitor in a time of 10:34

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 26th July 2008
Sam Wenban, 1st, Boys U11, 2000m 7:41.62

Saturday, 26 July 2008

XCR08 Bundoora 26th July 2008
Aaron Heaney, 192nd MOP4, 12000 XC, 48:36

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 12th July 2008
Sam Wenban, 1st, Boys U11, 2000m 7:12.98. Another win for Sam.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

XCR08 Geelong 12th July 2008
Aaron Heaney, 108th MOP1, 16000 XC, 62:07. In 2007 Aaron finished 100th in 62:18. Given that Aaron had pneumonia in the week leading up to this race, to take 11 seconds off his time from last year is a great effort!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Gold Coast Marathon
Mark Collette completed his marathon in 3:15.35. Well done Mark

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sri Chinmoy Como Landing Run
Congratulations to our new squad member Sasha Truong who ran a 17 minute PB for the 21.1km event in 2:02.00

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Gold Coast Half Marathon
Norma Gonzales ran an interrupted 1:47.00 due to a stop and stretch break for her tight calf.
Pat Madden not long back from a bad flu covered the distance in 2:46.00.
Melissa Kirby ran a very comfortable 2:22.00.
Julie Clarke ran 2:05 after an interrupted preparation due to ITB problems
Well done girls.
Look out for results from Mark Collette's marathon.

The Travills and Janet (honorary Travill) showed those Queenslanders a thing or two:
Mark Travill: 6th M50-54, 173rd overall (out of 3661 finishers), 42.2k 3:04:59
Janet Miller: 24th F50-54, 2757 overall (out of 6283 finishers), 21.1k 1:53:48
Alison Travill: 18th in Age Group, 1184 overall (out of 4733 finishers), 10km 00:51:07
Karen Travill also ran but is not currently a Bensons athlete.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC Handicap 5th July 2008
Sam Wenban, 3rd, Boys U11/12, 2000m. Looks like the handicapper wanted someone else to win for a change. Sam's corrected time was 7:55

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC Championships 28th June 2008
Sam Wenban, 1st, Boys U11, 2000m 7:15.04

Saturday, 28 June 2008

XCR08 Coliban Relays 28th June 2008
Lisa Williams, 6000m (part of relay team) 56:23

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Run Melbourne 22nd June 2008
Aaron Heaney, 15th M30-39, 10000 0:38:26. 39th overall. We breed 'em tough at Bensons!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 21st June 2008
Sam Wenban, 1st, Boys U11, 2000m 7:05.33

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 14th June 2008
Sam Wenban, 1st, Boys U11, 2000m 7:21.75

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Frances Lipscombe awarded her Level 3 T&F Coaches Certifcate

Monday, 9 June 2008

Queen's Birthday 3 day Tour June 6-8th 2008
Queen's Birthday 3 day Tour June 6-8th 2008.
Matt Bailey
-8th overall in a field of quality cyclists.
-1st in Division A2.
-Awarded the "Best Young Rider" trophy.
This shows the value of running to a cyclist.
Running 10 hr/week; Swimming 5-6 sessions & riding twice seriously - a long ride or Saturday race & a medium/hard WT session on Wednesday.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

World Triathlon Championships, Vancouver, June 6-8th 2008
Rob Raulings, 9th M40-44 750-20-5 1:19:44 See Rob's story below - top 10 finish given those circumstances!

Julie King, 22nd F50-54 1500-40-10 2:31:33. See Julie's description of the event below.

Jeff Beavis, 69th M40-44 1500-40-10 2:01:02.84. See Jeff's story below.

Julie King: Placed 22 out of 71 in her age group (and was the first Aussie in my age Group). Swim was altered 1100m and cancelled the swim after our wave due to rough conditions!
Rob Rawling's detailed account of his race was great and I can only concur with much of what he has said re: weather, organization, state of play on the course etc. Luckily I didn't experience the cold rain but got a choppy, cold swim out of it all! The space blankets & hot soup were most welcome at the finish line.

Jeff Beavis: The race degenerated into a Duathlon in what could only be described as average Melbourne water conditions. That took out what I feel in my strongest leg.
That said did 2:01:02.84 which was fairly happy with, ride about 1:08 and 2nd run around 42 high/ 43 low have found my exact splits yet. Both these times are right up there with my best times so am reasonably happy with them. That finished my 69th this year 30 places better than last year in same age group and with more people behind me so that is a real positive.

Rob Raulings: Epic race. Very bittersweet.
Trained my arse off for this and thought I had potential to do well, just not sure how well ...
Race day fn cold again, 7C air, 11C water. Up at 5am get down to transition and put the gear in, pump the tires on the bike. Ran back to check junior female race start to make sure I had the measure of the procedure. Course starts on the beach in a line and heads pretty hard right, so pays to be in the first few through the entry check in to get possibly up to 50m advantage on the start line. Retreat to hotel room and perform a warmup to AC/DC on the iPod.
Luckily in my previous life as a cross country skiier I had plenty of experience in racing in miserable conditions - it wasn't actually sleeting so I figured it couldn't be that bad! Leave hotel at the latest possible time with race clothing of race singlet under 2 tri suites, plus wetsuit half on and jog to race start tent. Keep jogging on spot in race tent, forgo warmup swim (good decision), realise guys are entering the chute for the start procedure, shit myself and sprint to get in there. Spend 10 minutes waiting in the chute, noticing how the GB'ers seem to favour oversize swim masks that must have the drag of an anchor while racing, not to mention make them look really stoopid. Glad to be living on a large, relatively warm island, amongst a nation of swimmers.
Get through the chute - see name on screen and run down to the start line on the beach - top 6 or 8 guys at the favored end of the course. Dip hands and face into water and hope this suffices to stop shock. Try to stay calm.
Luckily I'd watched earlier waves and the lack of a hooter or horn was evident, some people had been missing the start, there were marshalls standing behind us with red flags raised for the start. Stand watching the marshall over my shoulder to make sure I get some cue to go. Hear something, take 3 steps and a racing dive and go. Swim a bit straight to find clean water and immediately have someone swim over my legs, turn a bit more right and try to ease into the swim thinking cool, calm thoughts while every pore screams murder at the sudden assault of the cold and shuts down. Someone goes out hard and I immediately respond before thinking Oops can I do this pace? Back off just a little but maintain speed. Guys start falling off left and right, 2 guys ahead, 1 to the side. Get round first bouy and find a lane rope pointing off in the direction of bouy 2. Get on it and get into a better rythym, trying to keep breathing calm and stroke strong. Fk, it's cold. Still in touch with the top 2 guys - realise I'm at the front of the swim pack at the worlds and feel pretty good about it. When will this frikking swim end? Supposed to be 750m, must seriously be over 1km (Edit: Google maps says 1.05km) Get another bouy down, still few to go, about 40m behind leader and 20m behind second. Finally hit the beach and manage to stand up - dizzy as buggery and unco as well. 3rd out of the water in 16:46, 51 sec down on the leader, and 4th right on my shoulder. 16:46 for 750m? Gotta be joking - I'd swum 10:25 last Aussi season for 750, and wasn't growing barnacles out there.
Get through transition some how with out falling over - grass is sodden and very slippery. Awesome Aussi support once people can see your race suit - even get some first name calls from a few people, can't see anyone, just keep going hard trying to get brain unfrozen. On bike and get into variable pacing strategy my coach had worked out for me. Because of the hills in the course (including 1.2 km of 4.5% uphill) it is faster to vary effort to apply more power to the hills and less on the downhills. The plan was breaking the course into 6 sections with different watts for each section ranging from a pretty easy 170w to a more nasty 270w climbing. Had painstakingly inscribed this onto the face of the Ergomo with a fine tipped permanent marker. The variable pace plan was 59 seconds faster than riding the course with constant power output, but if you go too hard and blow, well, thanks for coming.
Warm up a bit on the first climb, and get through the rough as guts sections as well. The disc is singing the sweet song of speed on the downhills, and doesn't feel that bad on the ups - I was riding one of the few discs - most people opt for deep rim or even shallow rim wheelsets - I guess the size of the climb freaked them out, even though 75% of the course was flat or downhill. Swoop down the hill passing everyone in site, and line up for lap 2 - when I hear wap, wap, wap coming from the machine. Look down, realise tape covering the valve hole had come unstuck from the wetness, and was making me look like a complete n00bie. Determined not to tarnish the team image of beer and vegemite swilling tri freaks, I wait till the top of the small climb, stop and yank the tape off. Get going again, but 15 seconds lost.
Feel a bit warmer on the second lap, and get higher power out during the climb. Descend like a madman, at over 60kmh, gaining valuable time, and starting to really enjoy proceedings. Approaching the base of the descent, legs pumping in my best Tor Hushovd impersonation to blast by some pommie when the dreaded sound every cyclist fears occurs - pssschht! God, please let it be the other guy. Keep going with the power down and everything still feels OK, maybe it was the other guy, make it round the corner and realise the front has detonated and is going down. Faark! Currently in third, 44 mins in, 6.8km to go on bike, 1:34 down on the leader, with chasers closing hard and no spare (if you have to change a spare in a Sprint race you're done anyway - even if I had a spare, my hands were so cold it would have taken a week to change it). Luckily I'd put goo in the tubby, and it wasn't totally flat, just about 40 psi. Almost have a hissy fit as I realise that something you work so hard for more than 8 months might not go the way you want. Get over that 3 seconds later and decide to go for it anyway. Get the weight off the back to lighten the pressure on the front and gingerly nurse it through several turns, no real turning ability at all. Bottom out the front rim on several bumps and begin to worry about descending. Climb the big hill for the last time, power is OK, and speed is not too bad. Hopefully not loosing too much time. Big breath time for the downhill - turns out not too bad - can roll with weight off the front and take a sweeping, slow flowing line - actually descend at about 50kmh keeping pace with a few pommies - they need to HTFU. Make it to dismount line with great relief, legs not feeling too bad either. 1st 2 laps 12:48 (cold!) and 12:10, slowing to 14:06 with the flat, 1:54 slower for nursing the bike round the last lap, but power only a tad lower.
Head into transition, try to get shoes on, actually get helmet off (which is a relief seeing junior girls couldn't) and head out on the run. Legs feel great, but arms are soooo cold. Settle in to nice pace and form and get the pain flowing. Passed by a Scot at warp speed, keep looking for Michael Pratt AUS to come storming by. Great support from Aussies and others, final turn around appears, 1.2 km to go and no-one behind that looks fast - maybe I can do well in spite of the flat. Keep the hammer down on the long downhill to the finish, manage to grab an Aussie flag before the finish chute and hold it aloft in a frozen claw, so, so happy to have made it over the line.
Run not a PB, but fast enough to hold on to 9th, 5:33 down on Aussie Richard Woods who takes the title with a +2:56 margin over Simon Gowen (GBR) and Frank Boyne (GBR) +3:58 in third. Realise that the 1:54 deficit on lap 3 on the bike would have put me +3:39 behind the winner and into third place by a comfortable 19 seconds. Aaargh. Our 4th 40-44 member, Brett Starkey finishes 16th about +8:19 down on Woods. My time of 1:19:44 is the slowest sprint race time I've posted for about 4 years, but the easily the most satisfying, under the worst conditions.

Michael Pratt DNFs on the run for some reason, and a glorious Aussie 1,2,3 is twice denied.
Sitting in the recovery tent, sipping hot soup and wrapped in a space blanket all I can think about is what might have been, the Gold Coast in 09, and how nice it will be to be warm. Game on!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths Division One Open Day XC 7th June 2008
Sam Wenban, 1st, Boys U11, 2000m 8:00.26

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 3rd May 2008
Sam Wenban, 1st, Boys U11, 2000m 7:27.99. Great work, Sam. Keep it up.

Friday, 30 May 2008

GSV Cross Country Championships
Penny Townshend ran a magnificent race in the 4km intermediate age group event resulting in first place overall and a PB of 15:09.
Grace Brown ran very strongly and with determination finishing 4th overall in a time of 15:33.
Pip Hodgetts had problems with her sore shins before she even started but ran anyway proving she is a strong athlete and a fierce competitor.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 24th May 2008
Sam Wenban, 3rd, Boys U11, 2000m 7:49.66. Well done, Sam. This is the start of a big future.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Barb Augustin qualifies as a Level 1 Cycle Coach

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Great Ocean Road 23k/45k, May 18th 2008
Nadelle Legge - 23k/~1:28 hr 3rd.
Mark Travill - 45k/3:36hr as a tempo run as part of his 2008 Gold Coast preparation. A great effort in the conditions.
Bernadette Wyer - 23k/2:06 hr.
Janet Miller - Jogged 10k, jogged 23k with a friend then jogged another 6k!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

AV Sandown 10k Road, May 18th 2008
Aaron Heaney 131st MOP4, 10000 35:28. Aaron added another PB to his 2008 list with this on the Sandown race track even though he was sick leading up to it. Good work!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sandown relays 17th May 2008
Aaron Heaney, 131st MOP, 10000 35:25

Saturday, 10 May 2008

All Schools Cross Country Relays, May 10th, 2008
Jayde Anderson represented Eltham High as the last runner in the U16 4 x 3km relay. Jayde's time was 12:15
Penny Townshend and Grace Brown ran the 2nd and 3rd leg for PLC in U18 4 x 4km relay. Penny's time was 15:48 she passed 10 girls bringing her team into 4th place. Penny passed to Grace who finished in 16:28 and brought the team into 3rd position when she passed to their final runner

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 10th May 2008
Sam Wenban, 5th, Boys U11, 2000m 8:28.32. A drop back in the placings but a 4 second improvement in time.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Great Train Race, 4th May 2008
Aaron Heaney, 50:07, 47th (out of 2797). Aaron continues to improve: 2006: 50:56, 83rd; 2007: 50:44, 67th. Good work, keep it up!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

AV XCR08 Rd 2, Lardner Park, Warragul, May 3 2008
Aaron Heaney, 8km XC, 30:36, 110th. Not bad for a very muddy course.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

XCR08 Warragul 3rd May 2008
Aaron Heaney, 109th MOP 8000 30:36

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Northern Metro Little Aths XC 3rd May 2008
Sam Wenban, 4th, Boys U11, 2000m 8:32.32

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sri Chinmoy Princes Park, April 27th 2008
Claudia Bacesh ran a solid 15km on Sunday in the Sri Chinmoy Princes Park 15km event. Claudia finished in the top 3 of her age group in 77:00

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Jells Park XC Relays, 19th April 2008
Aaron Heaney 6000m 21:38 - 19 seconds faster than over the same course last year.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

2008 Oxfam 100k Trail Walk.
We managed to completed 100km in 17 hours 40 minutes (had planned for 18-20 hour finish time) and came 41st out of 666 teams. We came 29th for teams that finished with all 4 team members.
I had a nasty tumble at the 99.5km mark and landed heavily on my reconstructed knee. After dusting myself off, I managed to shuffle my way
to the finish line, crying all the way! :-) Knee appears to be OK and I have a few nasty blisters however legs/body pulled up extremely well. I even managed a jog this morning and circuit work-out afterwards.
Thank you Tony for your assistance with getting my running technique in order. My legs would never have travelled the distance if I had continued
to run in my usual style.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

London Marathon, April 13th 2008
Ryan's time of 2 hours 6 minures 17 seconds (2 minutes faster than in his 2007 London marathon debut race) indicates he can be a major factor at Bejing Olympics.
Ryan began his career with Irv Ray at Big Bear HS. During this time Irv and Tony were collaborating on their book "Run With The Best" - a coaching book that became a best seller - and Ryan worked to that program until accepting a scholarship to Stanford University where his career stagnated (as often occurs because coaches are NCAA points concerned) before re-igniting post college. Ryan has run the fastest ever 21.1k by a white runner and is a real medalist prospect for Bejing.

Oh! The Race. Well the 100th anniversary of the marathon was marked in the most fitting way this morning when Martin Lel won his third Flora London Marathon title and led three men under 2:06 for the greatest in-depth mens marathon in history.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Dandy Creek Dash 5km
After a disappointing time in the Geelong Half, Pat Madden is back and she is on fire!. Pat ran the 5km race at Dandy Creek in 32:00 a 2 minute PB.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Ironman Australia, April 6th 2008
Jamie Morgan 11:47 hrs.
We all knew Jamie would not be repeating his Busselton 9:56 hr as his body hadn't fully recovered before he was heading toward Port MacQ however severe stomach problems were not envisaged!
Gary Blake 13:35 hr
In the tough conditions on the day this was probably equal to Gary's 13:05 hr 2007 result. The good and the bad of Gary's experience was a severe asthma attack that had him coughing blood on Friday and a run that was not going well until he remembered to forget time and focus on technique which led him to drop from 8 min/km pace to 6 min pace over the last 10.2k and run into an excellent 5th place.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

OG Cross Country April 5th, 2008
By my watch I got through in 23:10 for 5ks, around Scotch college, had a couple of Anderson St like hills and I just pretty much ran them at tempo. I was content with it, seeing as I hadn't raced in while

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ultra run
6 hour run.

Danny Hawksworth 1st, 77.801km

This is ranked 7th in the list of Australian 6 hour runs. Great work!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Geelong Half Marathon
Neda Jamishida 1:50 :30. After a late start and not seeing anyone for 8 km Neda ran a terrific race.
Pat Madden had to abandon the race at the 13km mark when drink station officials decided to pack up and go to the football!
Julie Clarke 2:05:19. A good preparation for the Melbourne Marathon in October

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Gatorade Triathlon, March 30th 2008
St Kilda, 750-20-5km

Rob Raulings, 1:08:03 8th M35-39, 11:36-1:38-31:10-1:36-22:00 Rob had the 5th fastest swim and 4th fastest ride in his category
Mark Travill, 1:10:35 3rd M50-54, 12:19-1:16-34:05-1:42-21:10 Mark finished the season with the fastest swim in his category, a podium for race 6 and 2nd in the series. Well done!
Jarratt Morgan, 1:11:44 22nd M25-29, 12:49-1:37-33:26-1:21-22:28. This was a good result for a sick man in a strong age group.
Michael Bohnke, 1:12:27 6th M40-44, 16:03-1:23-33:24-1:22-20:13. Michael has always been a strong runner but has improved 2 places in the run leg to have the 5th fastest run after a one-on-one with Tony. Good work!
Jeff Beavis, 1:12:30 7th M40-44, 13:28-1:24-34:23-1:31-21:41. Jeff consistently placed top 10 across all legs - no wonder he's heading to Vancouver.
Christopher O'Donnell, 1:13:58 34th M35-39, 13:16-2:02-36:08-1:37-20:52
Darren Schonewille, 1:15:25 41st M30-34, 15:30-1:41-34:14-1:28-22:29
Mike Wilson* (swim & ride) & Simon Watson (run), 1:16:26 4th M Teams, 15:39-1:39-38:06-1:43-19:17. This was 3rd in the swim & run and 4th in the bike.
Hayden Marshall*, 1:19:47 49th M25-29, 13:37-2:33-38:58-1:34-23:02
Alison Travill, 1:20:42 4th F15-19, 12:34-1:22-40:06-2:04-24:33. Ali had the 4th fastest bike and 5th fastest swim.
Pip Hodgetts, 1:20:57 5th F15-19, 12:27-1:19-42:14-1:57-22:59. Pip was 3rd out of the water and the 2nd fastest run split.
Phil Caligiuri*, 1:28:15 45th M40-44, 19:55-2:33-37:06-2:38-26:00
Katie Anderson* (swim & ride) & Lisa Williams (run) 1:28:47 3rd F Teams, 15:29-2:16-43:20-2:15-25:24. Katie fought off most of the jellyfish to get 2nd in the swim and Lisa carried on the good work with a 3rd in the run.
Marie Maguire* 1:32:14 2nd F55-59, 18:16-1:30-44:27-2:26-25:33. Marie had the fastest run split, placed 2nd in the race and 2nd for the season. Well done!
Kellie Whitefield* 1:36:04 27th F35-39, 19:18-2:31-45:14-1:56-27:02

* Ascot Vale athletes

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Run for the Kids, March 30th 2008
Results are incomplete, more to come...

Aaron Heaney 101st 53:46. Just missed out on top 100!
Julie King 6120th 1:20:04
Daniel Moloney* 3934th 1:13:95
Bernadette Wyer 1:17:39
Mark Collette 59:05
*Ascot Vale athlete

Sam Wenban 743rd, 32:20 Sam is just 11yo

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Mooloolaba Triathlon, March 30th 2008

Nerissa Stafford, 2:34:33 19th F30-34, 30:19-1:15:44-48:29
Stefanie Hanson, 2:47:58 43rd F25-29, 31:43-1:23:19-52:55

In Nerissa's own words:
"Happy with my results except for the swim as there was this stupid rip thing at the end and I went no where!! Anyway thanks Tony it was a great to get back into shape in the last 8 weeks and to do all those short races which I have never done before and to see yesterday that my heart is still with ironman."

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bribie Island Race 4

Nerissa Stafford, 1:11:57 6th F30-34, 10:57-37:27-23:31

Well done Neris! Roll on Mooloolaba!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Orbea Race 4, Brighton

Rob Raulings, 1:07:31 7th M35-39, 10:56.1-1:06.8-32:00.5-1:25.6-22:02.4
Rob had the 7th fastest swim of the day even after "navigating like a duck" (his words). Apparently the big yellow buoy he was heading towards was actually a big yellow lifesaver (don't know if he was a boy).

The Ascot Vale Leisure Centre and Athletics Essendon got together for our annual end-of-season team event. The teams were handicapped so they should finish together. There were some great performances.

Hurricane Glover, 1:09:22.9 5th Team, 13:18.6-1:07.4-36:40.0-1:11:2-17:05.8. Danny had the 5th fastest run of the day. Great work! (Male team)
Barb's Tri Alots, 1:12:20.1 6th team, 14:16.4-1:33.8-35:43.3-1:10.7-19:36.0 (Male team)
Vedi Il Tempo Volare, 1:13:10.4, 8th Team, 14:27.3-1:15.3-38:24.6-1:04.3-17:58.9 (Male team)
Marshall Hayden, 1:13:55.8, 9th Team, 12:44.8-1:00.7-37:27.6-1:09.7-21:33.0 (Male team)
Angekell, 1:20:46.1, 10th team, 18:03.3-1:00.5-36:05.5-1:25.5-24:11.2 (Mixed team)
Five Minute Wonders, 1:26:10.6, 11th team, 20:32.1-1:11.1-42:10.2-1:18.3-20:58.9 (Female team)
Michelle Cornu, 1:26:44.5, 12th team, 17:13.1-1:53.9-45:01.2-1:24.8-21:11.5 (Mixed team)
Scorpiettes, 1:27:49.7, 13th team, 14:54.1-2:09.7-44:16.4-1:21.4-25:08.1 (Female team)

Well done everyone!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Melbourne City Sports Tan 8km
Claudia Bacash ran and finished strongly in the Melbourne City Sports Tan 8km race on Wednesday night in 40:22. Good preparation for her Williamstown Half Marathon in May

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Kurnell Sprint Pro Tour Race, March 9th 2008
Jack Moxey 55:23.
Swim 10:04 (2nd), Bike 30:01 (2nd), Run 15:15 (2nd),

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Coogee Jetty to Jetty, March 9th 2008
Spearwood AUSSI Masters Swimming Club 9/3/08
Ben Mooney, 10th M25-34 1500m- 28:52
This was a huge improvement for Ben, who's previous results had been 12:00 for 500m. Well done!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Cerebrus Swim Classic
1/3/08 1.2km swim

Mandy Newman, 172 overall 24:05

and I thought she was resting!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Victorian Youth Track and Field Championships Feb 24th 2008
Penny ran 5th in the U 18 3000m Championships on Sunday competing up an age group. Penny placed 5th in 10:50

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Australian Sprint Champs Feb 23rd, 2008
Rob Raulings 13th (out of 55) M35-39 1:08:49, 11:08-34:21-23:19
Rob had the 5th fastest swim in his age group. Must be all that butterfly! He finished 57th out of 475 and thinks he's made the Australian Sprint Team

Friday, 22 February 2008

2008 OD World Championship Team
Jeff Beavis has made the Australian OD Team to Vancouver in early June. Jeff says:
Had a great race in Hobart, water was cold and the hill got steeper with each lap but was overall very happy with 2.24. 2nd best time for an Olympic Distance and got me 10th in age group and good points.

As a result I have been offered and accepted a place for Vancouver in early June. I needed to prove that last years effort wasnt a fluke and that I did actually deserve to be there.

As if it was a fluke! Keep up the good work.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Bribie Island Triathlons (Dec 2nd 07 & Feb 17th 08)
Nerissa Stafford: 750-28-8 - 1:44:47, 6th (out of 21) F30-34, 12:17-48:55-43:33.
Neris got the 3rd fastest bike split in her age group. The swim was reduced to 750m due to cyclonic conditions and currents!!

Nerissa Staffor: 1-28-8 - 1:51:06, 6th (out of 15) F30-34, 20:08-49:30-41:26.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Hobart Triathlon International Feb 17th, 2008
Jeff Beavis: 1.5-40-10 - 2:24:56, 10th M40-44 (out of 17), the only split available is for the swim: 25:11, which was the 10th fastest. Well done Jeff. What a way to spend your birthday!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Gatorade Race 5, Elwood, Feb 17th 2008

Mark Travill, 1:07:37, 2nd (out of 26) M50-54, 9:24-1:18-32:58-1:24-22:30 - Mark had the fastest swim and second fastest run in his category.
Jarratt Morgan, 1:09:00, 15th (out of 91) M25-29, 10:16-1:29-31:30-1:57-23:45 - Jarratt had a bad day - someone moved his bike then he couldn't find his runners
Michael Bohnke, 1:09:20, 7th (out of 48) M40-44, 12:02-1:23-32:24-1:24-22:05 - Michael had the 5th fastest bike and run splits for his age group.
Darren Schonewille, 1:12:59, 37th (out of 119) M30-34, 11:33-1:32-33:11-1:47-24:54. Good effort, backing up after Geelong last week.
Karl Augustin, 1:13:28, 18th (out of 62) M45-49, 12:11-1:46-33:59-1:52-23:37. PB for the run for Karl, even allowing for the run being 250m short of 6k. Turning 50 hasn't hurt him!
Pip Hodgetts, 1:19:41, 5th (out of 11) F15-19, 10:13-1:37-40:07-1:35-26:06. Pip's results are getting better and better every time. Well done!
Ali Travill, 1:22:27, 8th (out of 11) F15-19, 10:04-1:34-40:18-1:42-28:47. Ali had the 4th fastest swim split in her age group.
Stephen Gowers, 1:26:55, 49th (out of 62) M45-49, 11:41-2:44-38:54-2:10-31:24. Stephen came in a couple of minutes quicker than predicted (even allowing for the short run). Well done!
Marie Maguire*, 1:28:00, 2nd (out of 4) F55-59, 14:18-1:52-41:44-2:01-28:03. Podium! Well done!
Kellie Whitefield*, 1:29:58, 26th (out of 37) F35-39, 13:42-2:44-42:26-1:33-29:30. Good work Kellie.

Brooks race, 300-10-3
Katie Anderson*, 54:01, 29th (out of 35) F40-49 6:49-2:19-21:36-2:34-20:40. Katie had the 5th fastest swim split in her age group.
Daniel Moloney*, 40:07, 34th (out of 155) MCorp, 5:03-1:23-19:07-1:19-13:12 Daniel had the 10th fastest swim split in the category.

*AVLC athletes

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Hampton Point to Point
16/2/08 1.2km swim

Rob Raulings, 57th overall 17:03

In his words: That point to point swim was bad for me - couldn't breath properly in my now old wetsuit. Would have probably swum a minute or two faster with this new rocket suit (has a propeller on the back).

Gotta get one of them thar propelly wet suits.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Geelong HIM
10/2/08 1.9km-90k-21k

Chris O'Donnell 5:02:07 52nd M35-39 33:43-2:17:43-2:10:41
Darren Schonewille 5:27:18 115th M30-34 39:16-2:06:59-2:41:03
Mandy Newman 5:50:26 18th F35-39 35:16-2:31:36-2:43:34
Gary Blake 6:04:11 5th M60-64 42:33-2:33:12-2:48:26
Janet Miller 6:07:19 2nd F50-54 34:36-2:43:34-2:49:09
Josie Gioffre 6:44:54 34th F35-39 48:42-2:40:23-3:15:49

Well done to Janet on her 2nd place.
Good job to new father Chris, with a PB.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

AV Youth Track and Field Relay Championships February 10 2008
Penny Townshend ran the 800m leg of the U /16 Relay medly for Box Hill in 2:25. The Box Hill team ran 4th.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Gatorade Race 4, Portarlington
3/2/08 800-26-8

Jarratt Morgan 1:31:32 9th M25-29, 13:37-2:02-42:02-0:50-32:59
Mark Travill 1:32:41 4th M50-54, 12:25-1:59-45:04-0:55-32:17 - great swim - 67th overall!
Michael Bohnke 1:35:52 13th M40-44, 16:21-1:52-45:04-0:46-31:46 - blitzed the bike - 54th overall!
Jeff Beavis 1:36:18 14th M40-44, 13:16-2:01-45:58-0:45-34:16
Karl Augustin 1:39:16 15th M45-49 14:42-2:45-47:04-1:10-33:32
Alison Travill 1:46:37 5th F15-19 12:46-2:12-51:44-0:59-38:54 - great swimmer like her old man - 18th female!
Pip Hodgetts 1:53:42 7th F15-19 13:46-2:01-58:58-1:10-37:45 - 39th female in the swim - well done!
Phil Caligiuri* 1:57:23 49th M40-44 20:44-2:58-50:10-1:18-42:10
Marie Maguire* 2:03:08 3rd F55-59 18:44-2:33-58:57-1:45-41:06
Kellie Whitefield* 2:07:01 18th F35-39 18:50-3:02-60:15-0:52-43:59

*AVLC athletes

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sri Chimnoy 5 km. February 3rd 2008
Claudia Bacash won her age group in 23:00 despite a hamstring tightness which forced her to stop and stretch.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

AV Region Finals February 2nd 2008
Penny Townshend ran an 11:15.6 in the 3000m at the AV Region Finals.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Shield Results NW region round 8
Karl shows that track running is good for triathletes by getting a 3k PB.
Karl Augustin, 3000m 11:07.34 10th MOP2
(This was a replacement for the washed out round 8)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

East Region AV Interclub Rd 11
Craig completed his first interclub series with a 5:18.0 in the 1500m and 28.99 in the 200m at the Rd 11 Interclub competition on Tuesday night. Well done Craig on your first interclub series

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Australian Aquathon Championships, Jan 20th, 20008
Swim Run TOTAL
2. Jack Moxey 0:11.34 0:19.28 0:31.02 M16-19

Jack then backed this up with the fastest 5k in the NSWIS/EAP triathlon trials winning with a relaxed 15:59.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Orbea Race 3, Brighton Enduro 20/1/08
250-10-2-250m whitewater run-10-2
Rob Raulings, 2:12.0-1:11.4-17:15.2-1:48.9-12:37.0-1:11.8-2:07.2-1:05.2:17:16.0-1:34.0-12:22.3 Total 1:10:41.1, 5th M35-39 (out of ~35)

Hell of a swim (waves breaking over the top of the big buoy!). 2nd swim was a white water run. 2nd fastest on both rides

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Portsea swim classic
Darren Shonewille, 1.2km swim, 24:25.5, 192nd M30-39 (out of 300)

Our visiting specialist swim coach Ben Hiddlestone came 15th in the same age group. Maybe Darren needs to spend some time at Berwick with Ben.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A V Interclub Rd 10
Round 10 was a night competition and Penny freshly back from her holiday ran the 1500m in 5.06.9.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Gatorade Race 3, Sandringham January 13th 2008

Olympic Distance 1500m-40k-10k

Jarratt Morgan 2:15:50, 20th M25-29, 29:39-2:31-1:01:11-1:53-40:03 (top 100 cycle time)

Team JamHell 2:17:54, 1st Mixed team, 29:01-2:18-1:01:19-1:40-43:32 (Jamie did the swim and a top 100 ride and Helen exceeded expectations in the run - welcome to Triathlon, Helen)

Rob Raulings 2:22:12, 17th M35-39 (not 3rd despite the rumour, but 97th overall in the swim), 29:00-2:19-1:03:26-1:57-45:26 (top 100 cycle time)

Mark Travill 2:24:11, 6th M50-54, 29:34-2:26-1:08:49-2:06-41:12

Chris O'Donnell 2:27:38, 31st M35-39, 31:39-2:46-1:09:47-2:21-41:01

Jeff Beavis 2:28:56, 22nd M40-44, 33:24-2:09-1:08:46-2:01-42:34

Michael Bohnke 2:32:53, 30th M40-44, 42:44-2:06-1:08:02-1:41-38:18 (this run was the 84th overall, out of field of 811)

Mandy Newman 2:46:04, 5th F35-39 (while techni-jogging!), 34:48-2:54-1:12:47-2:19-53:14

Alison Travill 2:55:33, 3rd F15-19 (well done Ali!), 31:14-2:37-1:24:40-2:39-54:20

Gary Blake 3:01:31, 4th M60-64, 39:34-3:58-1:19:02-2:57-55:58

Unfortunately, Josie & Darren didn't complete the race.

Sprint Distance 750m-20k-5k

Stef Hanson 1:27:38, 6th F25-29, 22:58-2:51-35:18-2:17-24:12 (7th fastest ride by a female - all age groups)

Daniel Moloney* 1:29:15, 26th M30-34, 19:26-2:59-40:22-2:06-24:18

Pip Hodgetts 1:34:07, 3rd F15-19, 17:52-2:24-48:31-2:04-23:14 (great swim - 9th fastest swim by a female - all age groups)

Michelle Currie* 1:41:10, 21st F30-34, 27:19-2:48-43:09-2:26-25:24 (Michelle was racing her sister-in-law and lost by 10 seconds - shouldn't have had that "pit stop")

Kellie Whitefield* 1:46:12, 11th F35-39, 27:09-3:27-47:27-2:01-26:06

Brooks 250m-8k-2.5k

Katie Anderson* 55:21, 12th F40-49, 10:24-3:42-19:38-2:38-18:56 (2nd out of the water in her age group - not bad for her first ever race)

* = Ascot Vale athletes

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Janet is Danger-ous

Danger 1000

Janet Miller, 20:04, 7th Vet F50-54

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

AV Round 9, 8th January 2008

North West Region

Karl Augustin 3000m, 11:17, 11th MOP2

Aaron Heaney 800m, 2:32.2, 11th MOP2

Not bad efforts from the boys - Karl's first track race (came 5th in his heat) and Aaron after the gruelling Mountain to Surf last week.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Pier to Pub
Jeff Beavis, 1.2km swim, 21:45, 187 Master Male (out of 718)

Well done Jeff.

Vis the Phys - Paul Visentini, 23:24, 296 Master Male (out of 718)

Friday, 4 January 2008

Mountain to Surf

Aaron Heaney, 8.5k 29:22, 26th out of 261 in Open Men.

However, we think Aaron's been robbed. Last year he competed in the Senior Men, and unless he's gotten younger, should've been in that age group this year. His time would have given him 4th in the Senior Men.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

RipView Classic
Janet Miller, 1.4km swim, 18:52 7th F50-54

Well done, Janet.

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