Sunday, 27 December 2009

RipView Classic, 2009
1.4km openwater swim

Hayden Marshall, 18:45, 15th M30-34
Julie King, 19:34, 4th F55-59
Stephen Gowers, 20:18, 65th M45-49

Julie's comments: "Water conditions were a little uneven out in the main stretch with a stiff southerly blowing head on. Otherwise a very pleasant swim with the women in a separate wave from the men for the first time. No argy-bargy this time!"

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gatorade Race 2, Elwood December 14th 2009
Gatorade 500-20-5

Rob Solly, 1:06:10.43, 11th M35-39, 9:30-1:27-33:06-1:24-20:44. Rob finished 87th overall and had a top 10 category and top 100 overall ride.
Trevor Harrison, 1:06:53.16, 16th M30-34, 9:36-1:45-34:23-1:36-19:34. Trevor had a top 100 overall run.
Hayden Marshall, 1:10:56.37, 45th M30-34, 8:40-1:57-37:11-1:45-21:24. Hayden had a top 10 category and top 100 overall swim.
Linda Solly, 1:13:03.91, 4th F35-39, 10:19-1:29-36:54-1:44-22:38. Linda had top 3 category times in the swim and ride and a top 10 category time in the run.
Jody Gilchrist, 1:17:47.56, 3rd F45-49, 12:13-1:37-39:03-2:26-22:29. Jody's run and ride were top 3 category results and her swim was a top 5 category result.
Daniel Moloney, 1:20:39.78, 98th M30-34, 11:00-2:23-42:30-(no T2 split)-24:47.
Phil Caligiuri, 1:20:59.79, 33rd M45-49, 14:01-(no T1 split)-39:05-1:57-25:57.
Marie Maguire, 1:33:20.25, 2nd F55-59, 12:28-2:1-48:14-2:24-28:00. Marie had the fastest swim split in her category and had the second fastest splits in the other two legs.
Katie Anderson, 1:39:10.04, 5th Athena, 11:16-3:01-45:03-2:25-37:26. Katie had the second fastest swim split, and top 5 splits for the other two legs, in her category.

Brooks 200-8-2

Sandra Buth, 42:05.07, 4th F50+, 6:00-1:38-18:16-1:12-15:00. Sandra was the first swimmer out of the water in her age group and got top 5 results in the other two legs.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sri Chnmoy 5km Williamstown
Penny Koster and Helen Cheng had a great day at this event. Penny ran the distance in 23 minutes on limited training due to work committments. Helen ran 21:22 and placed 2nd in the 18-39 age group.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Canberra 2009 Half Ironman
Matt Bailey 6th Pro in 4:11:38. Swim 24:01 - Bike 2:26:48 - Run 1:21:33. Matt improved 15 minutes on his 2008 time (1st Half IM). In this race 20 yo Matt finished well ahead of some big name athletes and was ~38 minutes ahead of Rebekah Keat, a highly accomplished IronWoman.
Gayle Young debuted in HIM in 6:06:28. Swim 24:01 - Bike 2:26:48 - Run 1:21:33. This time won her 4th in her age group.
Nerissa Stafford 10th in her age group with 5:58:33. Swim 39:45 - Bike 3:17:40 - Run 2:02:02. Nerissa is now leading the her AG in to
he 70.3 series but faces big challenges at Geelong in February.
Mandy Newman (Sick - dnf)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

XOTriSeries Race 2 Sandringham, 6 December 2009

Summer Hall, 1:15:43, 5th F3034, 11:04-1:55-36:23-1:27-24:54

Well done, Summer, and welcome.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ironman WA, 5th December 2009
Josie did the 180k bike leg in a time of 6 hours 20.

"Had a great race yesterday - very hot & windy all afternoon... I did the bike leg in 6:20, very pleased with that!"

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot-10km
Melissa Kirby while in USA for the Las Vegas Marathon this weekend ran the 10km Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in 57:21. Melissa said she thought it may have been a little longer than 10km as it was very crowded near the end and she had to dodge around lots of people! Stay tuned for results of Melissa's marathon.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

AV Round 7 - NW region, 28th November 2009
Aaron Heaney, 10:21.40, 19th, 3000m

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Miler's Club Round 1, 26th November 2009
Aaron Heaney, 17:48.92, 14th "C" race

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Brooks/Gatorade Race 1, November 22nd, 2009
Heavy rain resulted in the swim being replaced by a run.

Brooks 0.5-7-1.5
Sandra Buth, 38:02, 4th F50+ 4:08-2:25-17:55-1:54-11:40

Gatorade 1.5-20-5
Rob Solly, 1:01:24, 20th M3539, 5:58-1:18-31:42-1:26-21:00 Rob finished strongly with the 7th fastest 5k run in his category.
Trevor Harrison, 1:02:00, 18th M3034, 5:55-1:59-32:17-1:45-20:04 Trevor's photo has made it onto the Brooks Fun Tri front page (he must've made the Gatorade distance look very easy!)
Linda Solly, 1:09:36, 8th F3539, 6:33-1:11-35:55-2:04-23:53 The new bike was worth it, Linda. Both Linda and Rob have take approx 30min off the same race last year.
Phil Caligiuri, 1:14:35, 33rd M4549, 7:18-1:44-34:56-2:19-28:18.
Daniel Moloney, 1:16:22, 100th M3034, 6:58-2:11-39:38-1:51-25:44
Katie Anderson, 1:33:31, 3rd Athena, 10:46-3:15-36:07-5:06-38:17 Katie's first Gatorade distance and she had a puncture. Good on you for sticking it out.

Well done to everyone. Hopefully you'll be able to show off your swim prowess next race.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

AV East Region - Round 6
Brook Sturdy in his second AV competition clocked 4:51 for his first 1500m

Friday, 20 November 2009

Jack Moxey heads to the USA
Jack Moxey has become the second RWTB athlete (Sarah Graham, a World Track and Cross Country representative, was the first) to head to the US to continue his education. He will leave for the US in late December to continue his education at Riverside Community College in the Greater Los Angeles area. While there he will join their track team and enjoy an ideal environment as his coach coached the great Nouridine Morcelli. Jack will also be living and training in the same locality as Irv Ray, the co-author or our book Run With The Best and the Head T&F Coach of the University of California at Riverside.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hexman, 14th November, 2009
Rob Solly, 1:31:13 10th M3039 Swim 10:25 Cat Pos 12, Cycle 51:13 Cat Pos 12, Run 29:34 Cat Pos 8
Linda Solly, 1:43:29 9th F3039 Swim 10:43 Cat Pos 8, Cycle 59:47 Cat Pos 12, Run 32:58 Cat Pos 6

Well done to the Solly family. Good to see the "Better half" was better on the day.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Shepparton Half IM Nov 15th 2009
Matt Bailey
Finish Time 04:04:14 Pos: 10 Cat Pos: 9
Swim 24:43 Pos: 3 Cat Pos: 2 Cycle/Run 03:39:29 Cat Pos: 15 This was a back up race after the World LC Championships and his first Pro race so an excellent result. Pity the bike/run times are combined!
Gavin Hicks
Finish time 04:48:38 Cat Pos 22
Swim 0:34:54 Cat pos 37 Cycle 02:35:36 Cat Pos 32 Run 01:38:07 Cat Pos 18. Looking good for IMOZ.
Christopher O'Donnell
Finish Time 04:53:09 Pos 142 Cat Pos 27
Swim 00:32:48 Cat Pos: 25 Cycle 02:40:33 Cat Pos: 55 Run 01:39:47 Cat Pos: 29 A great effort, and a 10 minute course PB, by Chris.
Jarrat Morgan
Finish Time 05:08:39 Pos: 239 Cat Pos: 42
Swim 00:33:37 Cat Pos: 33 Cycle 02:33:13 Cat Pos: 30 Run 02:01:48 Cat Pos: 73. An excellent debut into endurance racing by Jarratt and, the rumour has it, it could be a valuable learning experience about effort distribution on the bike.
Hayden Marshall
Finish Time 5:21:44 Cat Pos 63
Swim 00:32:24 Cat Pos 22 Cycle 02:49:15 Cat Pos 70 Run 02:00:05 Cat Pos 66. Hayden took the swim easy, was blown around on the bike and went into the run with shin problems yet still managed to take 30minutes off his time from last year.
Mandy Newman
Finish Time 05:32:10 Pos: 391 Cat Pos: 6
Swim 00:33:35 Cat Pos: 2 Cycle 02:51:15 Cat Pos: 4 Run 02:07:18 Cat Pos: 10. An excellent first up effort by Mandy highlighted by an excellent swim/bike combination but that big bike effort may have told on the run - although a more moderate bike and faster run may not have changed the final result.
Nerissa Stafford
Finish Time 05:35:51 Pos: 415 Cat Pos: 10 Swim 00:37:05 Cat Pos: 7 Cycle 02:55:19 Cat Pos: 9 Run 02:03:25 Cat Pos: 10. As a back up race after Port MacQ this was a very even 'across the board' performance and an excellent effort from Nerissa.
Jamie Morgan
Finish Time 00:00:00
Swim 00:30:24 Cycle 02:27:45 Run dnf. An excellent swim & bike but changing the bike position close to a race Jamie?

Saturday, 14 November 2009

AV Round 5 - East Region
Brook Sturdy 800m - 2:17, 5000m - 21:33. Terrific results for our newest squad member in his first foray into AV competition.

Marcus Hanley 5000m 18:53. Marcus has a few races under his belt although this was his first AV summer competition.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

AV Round 5, North West Region, 14th November 2009
Aaron Heaney, 18:01.1, 14th, 5000m

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Anaconda Adventure Race, Augusta, 8 November 2009
13.5km run-1.9km swim-13km paddle-32km MTB-2.5km run

Mike Murray, 6:05:44, 78th Open Men, 1:28:00-43:00-1:33:58-1:59:18-21:27

In Mike's words "The race went pretty well. I did the run in 1:28 for around 15km, but there was alot of beach running and rock hopping. Then it was into the wetsuits, and the swim. The swim wasn't real strong because I started cramping up about half way through, so the second half of the swim I didn't even kick. The race was hot, but not too bad."

Sunday, 8 November 2009

XOTriSeries Race 1 Brighton, 8 November 2009
MiniTri 200-10-2
Kristine Hopkins, 45:24, 4th F3039, 7:12-1:53-21:24-1:33-13:22

Sprint Tri 500-20-5
Nerissa Stafford, 1:15:08, 2nd F3539, 12:00-0:59-37:29-1:29-23:11

Hot Stuff (Michelle Currie - swim, Phil Caligiuri - bike, Karl Augustin - run) 1:08:54, 2nd team, 12:44-1:19-34:52-1:00-18:59
Trevific Chanel (Trevor Harrison - swim & ride, Chanel Ross - run) 1:11:16, 3rd team, 9:45-1:24-33:56-0:49-25:22

Well done by all.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Scody Half Ironman, Port Macquarie November 1st 2009

Nerissa Stafford, 5:45:11, 11th F35-39, 36:03-3:09:08-2:00:00

Friday, 30 October 2009

ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships
Matt Bailey, 4:11:55, 2nd M2024, 40:19-1:33-2:06:00-1:24-1:22:38

A fabulous effort in hot, windy conditions.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

AV Round 4 - NW region, 29th October 2009
Aaron Heaney, 11:39.9, 7th Section 1, 3k steeplechase

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Melbourne Marathon October 10th 2009
Gary Blake - 3:58:32. A fantastic effort for a bloke in his 60's! Gary was aiming at sub 4hr but his training suggested 4:00-4:05 hr so it was guts & glory! With an Ironman 42.2k of 4:45 hr Gary has effectively cut some 17 to 25 minutes off what would have been his PB.

Julie King - great PB in the Half Marathon of 1:50:57 that came on top of her 5th in her age group at the recent Triathlon Championships.

Matt Bailey - a sensational 15th in the HM. Matt's aim was to run 1:14:32 hr to simulate the run off the bike in the World Long Course Championships. He finished very fresh and believes he could have gone faster as his Av HR was only around 80%.

Levi Hauwert - like Matt Bailey Levi was running a 21.1k triathlon simulation so his 1:21:45 was a good indicator of his form for the coming Half IM races.

Christie Leet - A strained calf muscle that appeared the day before the race caught up with Christie at the 3k mark. The fact he had recorded a PB at Gold Coast and that he was doing this run only because he was in Malbourne softened the blow a little.

Karen Natoli - Unfortunately, like Christie, Karen was forced to withdraw - in her case at around the 22k mark.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Melbourne Marathon and Half Marathon, 11th October 2009
Half Marathon 21.1km
Levi Hauwert, 1:21:46, 7th M20-24.
Angelo Pagano, 1:36:30, 54th M45-49The first ever half marathon for Angelo.
Julie King, 1:50:59, 17th F50-54. A PB for Julie
Stephen Gowers, 2:04:20, place unknown
Marcus Hanley 1:25. Marcus ran a 4 minute improvement on last years time and not much slower than his 2001 PB
John Iacono 1:58. This was John's first half marathon and he said "wasn't sure how to pace myself, too crowded, still had plenty of energy towards the end, found it hard to pass. Otherwise very happy with the result considering not 100% recovered from my injury and limited training in the last 2 months
Melbourne Marathon
Sharon Norton 3:31:50. Sharon's said her "last 5km as per usual was a world of pain and [I] really fell away but I'm very happy overall for my first marathon outside an ironman. Dont think its any less painfull than an ironman though".

Saturday, 10 October 2009

AV Round 1 - NW region, 10th October 2009
Karl Augustin, 19:04.7, 2nd M40+ (16th MOP), 5000m

This was over a minute faster than at the same meeting last year and is only 10seconds outside his PB. Pretty good for the first race of the season.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Gold Coast Half Ironman, 5 October 2009

Chris O'Donnell, 5:07:38, 49th M35-39, 32:33-2:52:47-1:42:17

Chris' bike time includes 10minutes lost to a flat. That's potentially sub 5 hours. Pretty good given the heat up there. Watch out Shepp!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Victorian Duathlon Championships, Brooks Duathlon race 5, 20 September 2009
Nerissa Stafford, 1:05:18, 2nd F35-39, no splits available. Way to go, Neris!
Rob Solly, 1:05:45, 12th M35-39, 19:03-33:38-13:04
Linda Solly, 1:14:23, 5th F35-39, 21:00-39:02-14:21
Well done guys.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

AV Cross Country Tan Relays
Marcus Hanley ran an astounding 53 second PB for his one lap of the Tan leg. Marcus' time was 13:17.

Aaron Heaney did an equal PB for his lap of the Tan leg and was 12 seconds faster than last year. Aaron's time was 13:34.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

2009 ITU Age Group Triathlon World Championships, 12 & 13 September 2009
Olympic Distance 1500-40-10

Julie King 2:32:40,5th F55-59 25:57-1:53-1:11:14-1:28-52:10

Top 5 at the World Championships! Fabulous work, Julie.

"Had an awesome swim coming in 3rd. Run got the better of me in the heat. Very happy, though."

Sprint Distance 750-20-5

Rob Raulings 1:09:23, 31st M40-44, 12:20-1:37-31:52-1:19-22:18
Jeff Beavis 1:11:00, 37th M40-44, 13:40-1:40-33:00-1:13-21:29

Rob came out of the water in 15th place but progressively clawed his way back to 11th by the end of T2. He struggled on the run.

Jeff's report: "Couldn't have gone any quicker. Exhausted but happy". It was Jeff's second best time ever and what better place to do that than the World Champs?

Well done, one and all.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Geelong Half Marathon
Sharon Norton, one of our newest squad members ran the Geelong Half Marathon while preparing for the Melbourne Marathon in October. Sharon's time was 1:44:28 which she said was disappointing "but had a look at two other runners who I am usually looking at the back of and they appeared also to be a bit off their normal times".

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Adelaide Marathon, 30 August 2009
Gavin Hicks, 2:55, 42.2km, 6th.

Gavin went just under 2:55 which was his aim. Top 10 and within 20 minutes of the winner. "Nice course, despite the many turns and lack of marshalls."

Well done Gavin, looking good for Port Mac!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

XCR09 Rd 9, Advanced Freight Burnley Half Marathon, 6 September 2009
Aaron Heaney, 1:20:04, 21.1km, 111th Open Men
Karl Augustin, 1:24:20,, 7th M50-54
PB for Karl by about 4min and a very good result for Aaron.

Well done, boys.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Brooks Duathlon, Race 4, 6 September 2009
Jarratt Morgan, 1:10:05, 5-20-3, 3rd M30-34, 19:16-35:52-14:57

Well done JJ

Saturday, 29 August 2009

St Kilda Cycling Club, Club Championships, 29 August 2009
Nerissa Stafford, 2nd Women's B Grade, 60km time unknown

And she got a pretty trophy! See, triathletes can ride!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hazelwood Pondage Winter Triathlon, 23 August 2009
Olympic Distance 1500/36/10
Julie King, 2:18:35.7, 1st F55-59, 18:39-72:28-47:27

Sprint Distance 500/24/5
Rob Raulings, 1:09:25.8, 3rd M40-44, 6:54-39:42-22:49

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Everyday Heroes
Aly is 11 and in grade 5.
Last weekend, on her 11th birthday, after having grown her hair to the requisite 30cm fall so that it can be used to make a free wig for a child with cancer, she is having her pony tail cut off at the hairdressers. Then, on Monday the 24th of August, the AIS (Singapore) Primary School Principal, Peter Allison, shaved Alyís head at assembly.
See more at

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Les O'Mara Memorial Handicap, 22 August 2009
Levi Hauwert, 2:39:14, 10th 98km
(started 14min off scratch and finished in the same time as the winner)
Jamie Morgan, 2:47:32, 49th 98km
(started 22min off scratch)

Jamie's race report:
"Did better this time but still got smashed. Managed to stay with my bunch, and the next one that caught us but was unable to hang on. Finished though! J Did the 96kms in about 2:41.

Absolutely shattered and sore, but I guess it was good training.

I still donít like the ups and downs in pace that occur in bike races!"

Levi's race report:
"Loved it! Finished top 10, I spent alot of time on the front driving it then tried to break away a few times but the wind was just too strong but I did make the bunch that was about 40 down to about 10. This is why I love triathlons 'cos it's not the strongest person that wins bike races its the smartest."

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Noel Smith Bendigo to Echuca Road Race, 22 August 2009
Nerissa Stafford, finished, time and place unknown.

In Nerissa's own words:
"It was awesome, it was really hard in some parts, headwind all the way, but such a great experience and I started in the 3rd group back from "off limited" and held in with the guys!! So I was proud of myself and its something that now gives me confidence with my bike skills. again I will fill you in more tomorrow as there were a few mishaps along the way!! ie I was planning to start in the first group and off I went but 500m in my back tyre blew!! So I rode back to the start and a guy gave me his spare wheel and we changed it but it meant that I was then lining up with the 3rd group which was 20min back from the first group!! But I stuck in with them well and caught the first group and wasnt too far off from the mens winner apparently!!! there were soooo many guys pulling out of the race, as it really was a tough day out, but I had good fitness and again I am happy with my efforts, but tactics wise - boy to I NEED to learn still! Anyway looking forward to the race next weekend. I am surprised to see that once where I was TERRIBLE on hills - I now seem to drop people of them!! So next week has hills in it, so its game on and I am using those tactics!!"

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Lenny Hammond Handicap, 8 August 2009
Jamie Morgan, finished place and time unknown.

This was Jamie's first road race - an 80km handicap over two laps of the Modella hills, via Heath Hill and Ripplebrook.

In Jamie's words:

"It was bloody tough. It was very windy out there which made it even harder. I was in the second group from limit. The first group went, and then we went 10 minutes later. There were bunches spaced about 4 minutes behind us after that. I didnít like the bunch that much Ė the speed was up and down all the time, and I had to grab the anchors on a number of occasions. Our bunch split up after the first climb with myself and a young bloke breaking away.

From there I just tried to go hard and steady through the hills. With the wind the young fella wasnít really doing too much work for the both of us, although he gave it a go. I passed through the first lap in first place (having passed the limit markers just after the hills) but got swallowed up eventually about 7kms later. Having worked so much into the wind almost solo I wasnít able to stay with them and promptly got spat out the back. From then on it was just a solo effort to finish as my legs were cactus. I got passed by all the other bunches eventually, but I did finish, which could not be said for about half of the field.

It was a bloody tough training ride but it certainly makes you go hard."

Well done Jamie.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

AV Sandown Relays
Marcus Hanley running the final leg for Box Hill Athletics Club in Division 5 ran his 6.2km leg in 23:33. The team placed 4th.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

XCR09 Rd 8, Sandown Relays, 8 August 2009
Aaron Heaney, 22:27, 6.2km part of winning Men's Div 4 team

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

District Track and Field - Doncaster
James Wang, despite feeling unwell, had a very successful day at his District Track and Field meeting. James ran 3 events for 3 wins in his boys 12 - 13 years. 800m - 2:25, 400m - 1:05 and his school won their 4x 100m relay.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Townsville Junior 5km
Kyla Pringle raced again last Sunday in the Townsville Junior 5km race. Kyla time was 23:52 and she placed 3rd in the Under 9 - 11 age group.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

XCR09 Rd 7, Geelong Cross Country
Aaron Heaney, 62:33, 112th Open Men 16km

This was after a PB around the Maribyrnong on Thursday. Go Aaron!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Brooks Duathlon, Race 2, 26th July 2009
Sprint race, 5-20-3
Jeff Beavis, 5th M40-44, 1:12:18. 20:31-38:53-4:18

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sri Chinmoy Princes Park
Pat Madden ran 31:48 in the 5km event at Princes Park. Pat's time was a fantastic 12 second PB, proving that consistency and hard work at training really do pay off.
Helen Cheng was hoping for a PB in the 21km event at Princes Park but rolled her ankle badly and fell on both knees at only 500m into the race! Helen now has matching knee cap wounds but as an 'old hand' at falling down and getting up and running again she is unlikely to be down for long.

Friday, 24 July 2009

VSSSA State Cross Country Championships
James Wang and Sam Wenben both competed in the Boys 12 -13 3km event at Bundoora Park. James was hampered by his shoelace coming undone and another competitor standing on it and tripping him. James still managed to run 10:53 and placing 13th.
Sam Wenben looking tiny against his fellow competitors, proved size isn't everything with a time of 11:18. Sam was placed 40th.
Maribyrnong College cross country athletes coached by EPS coaches Frances Lipscombe and Barb Augustin also performed extremely well on the day. Musae Andualem placed 21st in 10:33 in the 15yr boys. Ahmed Abdulaahi in the 13 yr Boys with Sam and James placed 5th in 10:35. and Shane Wilson in the 14 yr boys placed 4th in 10:14.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Burdekin 5km 'Run for a Cure'
Kyla Pringle our 11 year old Townsville junior athlete won the Under 13 age group race in the Burdekin 'Run for a Cure'.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

All Schools State Cross Country Championships
Penny Townshend ran 17th in her U18 4km event. Penny's time was 16:23. This is a good result for Penny who is only recently back to running after a long break and is trying to juggle her running with her year 11 work load.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

AV Bundoora Cross Country Championships
Two of our EPS men ran the 12km Open men.
Aaron Heaney, in a time 45:53. Aaron runs for Athletics Essendon and is an experienced competitor in AV events.
Marcus Hanley who was running only his second AV event and cross country ran the 12km in 48:30. Marcus said it "was very windy and a bit hilly. Felt OK". Marcus competes for Box Hill Athletics Club.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Gold Coast Airport Marathon
4 EPS athletes took on the 42.2km event. Their net times were:
Peter Ryan 3:46.47. A great effort. Those ex-football knees might just go sub 3:30 hr yet! Great effort also to refrain from a beer until Roger arrived/TB
Jacqui Papas 4:16.34. A amazing story. Jacqui was recommended to me by Olympic Park Sport Medicine doctor Karen Holzer because Jacqui desperately wanted to do this race but had been plagued with injury. In conjunction with an amazing amount of work being done by Karen I worked weekly with Jacqui on technique and training and, after Jacqui pushed herself a bit to hard in the "Run for the Kids" and had to stop running all together a program of water running (no vest allowed), stationary cycling and elliptical trainer work was done. The result at the Gold Coast was a time that 4 weeks ago did not seem possible - even for a very determined lady like Jacqui./TB.
Josie Gioffre 4:31.59 a 15 minute PB. Josie just continues to amaze. In the last 12 months there have been many PB's including a half IM and a jump from a perfectly good aeroplane.
Roger Beruldsen 5:11.48. This time was outside Roger's PB by a large margin but in the tradition of a true sportsman he did not want the reasons (and they are significant) mentioned. Its this type of attitude that exemplifies real character.
Melissa Kirby has been confronted by many outside issues that have been detrimental to her training but still ran her fastest time for a while in the 10km event - 56:58/TB
Christie Leet (aka Mr Courage) completed the 21.1k in 1:46 hr despite a severe coughing attack that, in combination with a bad knife wound in the leg, reduced his pace to 5:30/km pace over the last 7km/TB
Rob Scapin, a 1:30-1:35hr runner, run the 21.1k race in 1:46 hr to accompany a friend. This was an easy option as he missed his weekly training session with me/TB

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sri Chinmoy Como Landing 14km and Half Marathon
Helen Cheng ran the 14km event in 1:06:23 a 1:26 PB and 3rd place for female 18 - 39 years division.

Kath Taylor, 2:07:02, 19th F18-39, 21.1k. Kath ran the half as a training run "(but) Somehow managed to PB on my 10km, 14km, 15km and 18km times while I was at it! I swear it wasn't intentional!" Well done, Kath.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

AV Coliban Relays
Penny Townshend ran the 6km first leg of the Coliban Relays for Box Hill Open women division 1 team. The team ran an unexpected but welcome 3rd place.
Marcus Hanley in his first run with Box Hill was put into division 5 and helped them win 3rd place in their division. Marcus ran the 7.9km leg in 30:18.
Aaron Heaney was happy with his result for Athletics Essendon, his time for 8.4km was 30:41

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Run Melbourne 21st June 2009
Trevor Harrison, 1:34:31, 87th M18-29, 21.1km
Peter Saw, 1:40:55, 302nd M30-39, 21.1km

Two happy men. Peter was rapt to come in under 1:45.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

XCR09 Rd 4, Lake Wendouree Road Race, 20 June 2009
Aaron Heaney, 56:49, 162nd, 15k

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Little Athletics Sunbury 20th June 2009
Sam Wenban won his division at Sunbury. 2kXC 7:31

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Free Technique information evening Wednesday 10th June at 8pm
Come along to our free information evening on RUNNING TECHNIQUE FOR EFFICIENCY AND INJURY PREVENTION at 8pm Wednesday 10th June, The Deck Bar, 212 Bay Street, Brighton. Tony Benson and Paul Visentini of Physiosports will conduct this technique information evening. RSVP is essential on

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sri Chinmoy - Williamstown
Melissa Kirby ran her first 10km race in a long time in this Williamstown event. Melissa said she ran 58:57 at an even pace but was hampered by her weakened lungs from a nasty cold she has been carrying for a few weeks.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

AV Sandown cross country
Aaron Heaney ran the Sandown 10km in 36:47 finishing in 178th place which was an improvement on last year's 180th.
James Wang ran the 3km Junior event in 10:59. James has only recently joined our junior squad.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A broken is no excuse for Kyla Pringle.
Kyla Pringle is an 11 year old living near Townsville with Olympian aspirations. Kyla was hoping finish in the top 10 at the North Queensland cross country trails so she could qualify for the Queensland Primary Schools State cross country championships. Unfortunately Kyla broke her wrist, skating, about 10 days before the event and most people thought she would have to miss the trials. Not Kyla - she was determined to run - she had an agenda! Kyla was running very strongly, in the top 3 until she hit the hills! Kyla then learned the importance of using your arms when running up hills. With limited mobility and pain Kyla was unable to use her arms to drive up the hills and was overtaken by a large number of athletes, she managed to gain some ground on the downhill but not enough to finish in the top 10. Instead Kyla finished (in a lot of pain) a very creditable 13th. Kyla's story is a lesson to us all - arms are an important component in running technique, especially on hills and stay away from skate boards!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Great Ocean Road
As part of their preparation for the Gold Coast Marathon Peter Ryan and Roger Beruldsen took on the 45km event. Peter Ryan completed the 45km in 4:02.41 , passing through the 42.2km in 3:44.09 putting him within sight of his goal time for Gold Coast. Roger Beruldsen ran the first 30km over the hilly part of the course in 3hrs then "lost the plot a bit" as he had been focussing on covering the 30km of hills strongly. Roger ran through the 42.2km in 4.43.48 and finished the 45km in 5:03.45.

In the 23k event, Sandra Buth, Janet Miller and Mark Travill flew the flag for EPS
Mark Travill: 1:39:53.2 5th M50-54
Janet Miller: 2:02:00.1 6th F50-54
Sandra Buth: 3:23:57.1 33rd F45-49 In her own words: I am sure I beat last year's time and I am not in pain today!

In the 14km event Amanda Lindsay, in her first run after her Canberra Marathon, finished in 1:24.23.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

XCR09 Rd 2, Lardner Park, 9th May 2009
Aaron Heaney, 6000m, 181st MOP

and no, he didn't.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Burdekin Cross Country
Kyla Pringle, our 11 year old athlete in North Queensland, ran a strong finishing 2nd in her school's district cross country race today. Kyla's time for the 3km event was 13:20.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Triathlon Internationale De Noumea, 3rd May 2009
Jamie Morgan, 2:10:58, 2nd Senior 4, 26:43-1:04:48-39:27

Jamie even collected some prize money. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay off his mortgage. You'll have to go back and win it next year, Jamie.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Great Train Race, 3rd May 2009
Aaron Heaney, 51:41, 13200, 101st

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Busselton Half Ironman, May 2nd, 2009

Trevor Harrison*, 5:06:21, 69th M30-34, 31:42-3:10-2:39:48-2:07-1:49:34

This was Trevor's first HIM. Not bad for a first timer!

In Trevor's words: "Amazing experience, really glad I did it. Sore now though!"

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sri chinmoy Princes Park 5km
Pat Madden competed in the 5 km event at Princes Park in a time of 33:10.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Canberra Marathon
After a very 'touch and go' lead up to the Canberra Marathon with injury problems Amanda ran the 42.2km in 5:12. Amanda said her "left leg could have done 50km but her right wanted to stop at 35km".

Saturday, 18 April 2009

XCR09 Rd 1, Jells Park XC relays 18th April 2009
Aaron Heaney, 22:30, 6000m
Lisa Williams, 30:28, 6000m

Both Aaron and Lisa were racing in Athletics Essendon teams. Aaron's team came 3rd in Men's Division 6, Lisa's team came 10th in Women's Division 3.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ironman Australia, 5th April 2009
Gavin Hicks, 11:09:37, 78th M30-34, 1:04:00-6:14:29-3:51:07
In Gavin's words: "I cut 7 minutes off my swim, getting out in 1 hour and four minutes and I felt fine...I ran 3.47 for my marathon, which was a bit slower than predicted but the hills did slow me down and I also made some poor nutrition and hydration decisions on the bike...Blowing 3 tyres in one race (T1, Lake Cathie lap 1 and lap 2), is ridiculous however, although the only redeemable thought I have about that was that Mark Allen blew 5 tyres in the Hawaiian ironman in 1988 and ended up winning the next 6!

Over all (surprisingly) I finished in 11.09, which was over 30 minutes faster than last year. If I had not had my tyre pop in T1 I would have definately gone under 11 hours which was my goal, and I reckon I lost around 30 minutes on my bike leg. The rest on my legs during the tyre changes was nullified by the extra energy I had to use on the crappy road tyres they gave me."

Michael Bohnke also trained with us in the lead up to IMOZ

Michael Bohnke: 11:40:20, 71st M45-49, 1:20:12-6:00:33-4:19:34

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Challenge Series, Geelong, April 5th 2009
Jeff Beavis, 2:24:01, 30th M40-44, 25:14-0:5-1:12:48-0:35-44:30
Trevor Harrison*, 2:26:09, 26th M25-29, 28:43-1:56-1:11:49-0:58-42:40
Phil Caligiuri*, 2:48:40, 34th M45-49. 38:47-1:45-1:14:24-0:41-53:00
Kath Taylor, 2:55:52, 15th F30-34, 28:15-1:25-1:25:48-1:32-58:51

This was a fabulous effort by Kath who has been through some serious rehab in the last 12 months. In her words: "I got 2:55 which was better than I expected. I was expecting about 3 hours but anything under would be a bonus!...I somehow managed to run my fastest 10km in about 2 years."

Great efforts from the others, too.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Run for the Kids
Bernadette Wyer 76.11 for 14km event

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Gatorade Series Points 2008/09
Pip Hodgetts, 1st F15-19
Karl Augustin, 3rd M50-54
Marie Maguire, 3rd F54-59

Honourable mentions to:
Levi Hauwert, 4th M20-24
Jamie Morgan, 5th M30-34

Well done to all!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Brooks/Gatorade Race 6, St Kilda, March 22nd 2009
Ali Cusack*, 55:06, 99th F18-19, 6:35-2:54-25:12-1:48-18:37
Katie Anderson*, 55:43, 20th F40-49, 6:11-3:47-22:01-2:29-21:15

Well done to Katie, who was second out of the water in her category and is going to move up to Gatorade next season.

Jamie Morgan, 1:06:28, 11th M30-34, 12:00-1:35-31:24-1:19-20:10 Not a bad effort for someone who can't swim or run due to injuries!
Levi Hauwert, 1:09:00, 5th M20-24, 12:40-2:05-32:47-0:57-20:31 Levi's first race as an EPS member. Welcome!
Jarratt Morgan, 1:09:35, 18th M30-34, splits unavailable
Chris O'Donnell, 1:11:04, 26th M35-39, 12:31-1:55-33:35-1:51-21:12
Rob Raulings, 1:11:09, 9th M40-44, 12:09-1:43-32:05-1:44-23:28
Mark Travill, 1:11:43, 4th M50-54, 13:11-1:31-33:48-1:53-21:20
Trent Churchill*, 1:12:05, 28th M30-34, 13:30-1:43-34:34-1:30-20:48
Trevor Harrison*, 1:14:07, 29th M25-29, 15:06-2:12-34:40-1:43-20:26
Karl Augustin, 1:15:36, 6th M50-54, 14:48-2:01-35:40-2:05-21:02
Pip Hodgetts, 1:17:53, 3rd F15-19, 12:09-1:23-40:49-1:39-21:53
Peter Saw*, 1:19:44, 73rd M35-39, 12:20-1:45-38:36-1:50-25:13
Nerissa Stafford, 1:20:36, 7th F35-39, 15:33-1:20-36:38-2:22-24:43
Daniel Moloney*, 1:21:38, 94th M30-34, 14:11-1:41-39:59-2:04-23:43
Jody Gilchrist*, 1:22:05, 5th F40-44, 16:39-1:38-38:52-2:03-22:53
Angelo Pagano*, 1:25:15, 41st M45-49, 19:27-2:27-38:18-2:09-22:54
Katherine Taylor, 1:29:18, 37th F30-34, 14:58-1:51-39:38-2:45-30:06
Chanel Ross*, 1:36:00, 27th F20-24, 14:14-1:45-44:55-2:17-32:49
Marie Maguire*, 1:49:43, 3rd F55-59, 18:58-2:10-49:08-3:18-36:09

*Ascot Vale athletes

Sunday, 15 March 2009

TA Selection Race, Perth, March 15th 2009
Julie King: 2:31:08, 5th F50-54, 25:51-1:19-1:10:49-0:58-52:08
5th out of 20 competitors in 2:31:08 and taking at least 6 mins off last years bike time as well as 2 mins off the swim and 2 mins off the run.
Julie says "I was part of the first wave of swimmers at 7.00 am and we headed up the river in the dark with a stiff wind blowing head on! This made sighting the buoys very difficult as the sky was cloudy and the sun was just rising. Fewer jellies but they were still there nonetheless and no wetsuit as temp was 24.3C. I scraped my leg a bit on a submerged rock in the river which was an unexpected & painful surprise."

Jeff Beavis: 2:22:15, 52nd M40-44, 25:42-1:08-1:07:42-0:43-46:57
Jeff qualified for the World Champs later in the year.

Well done to both athletes.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sri Chinmoy Yarra Boulevard Run, 15th March 2009
Nerissa Stafford, 1:12:08, 4th F18-49

Well done Neris

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Super Sunset Series, 11th March 2009
Sandra Buth 32:20:75, 20th F45-49

Hardly worth raising a sweat for Sandra, who's planning on the Great Ocean Road half marathon.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Singapore School Sports. March 10th 2009
Sam (14), a novice runner, finished an excellent 3rd in the U15 & U16 1500m despite pacing himself so carefully he allowed a huge gap to open up between himself and the rest of the field. Sam's effort along with his brother Ben, a sprint winner, made their grandparents very proud!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

King Island Imperial 32km footrace
Julie Clarke ran an uncomfortable 3hours 21 minutes with frequent stops to relieve her foot pain. "I needed to stop frequently from 12k..about 10 times to take my runners off. The pain was really so much that I just couldn't go on. When I was running I was doing 5.30-5.40 k's and feeling good!" While Julie was 2' slower than 2 years ago her pace when running indicated a PB was possible.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Paris Half Marathon, March 8th 2009
Peter's time of 2hrs, 4mins 29 secs was achieved in cold, wet conditions. He run the first 7 k's comfortably at 5mins 45 secs but then just ran out of energy! Was this because Mishele had returned to Australia and Peter was alone in the kitchen!?

Peter says there were "30,000 people in this run, at it was 9 mins after the start gun that I crossed the start line. Great atmosphere, lots of water, bananas, sugar etc, crowd, bands, and the scenery wasn't bad either.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pier to Perignon, 7th March 2009
Peter Saw, 279th Male, 51:04.1

Hardly worth getting wet for such a short swim after Rottie!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Australian Long Course Championships, Jervis Bay, 22nd February 2009
Australian Long Course Championship [2k-80k-20k]
Matt Bailey, 3:48:50, 1st MU20, 24:51-1:00-2:07:29-1:22-1:14:06.
Matt won the swim, led the bike for 30k before a drafting pack caught him and he suffered a 5 minute penalty as everyone was riding in a group, then outran everyone - making his actual time 1:43-1:44 hr.
Not only was this a fabulous personal effort by Matt but he comprehensively broke the EPS record previously held by 8:46 hr Ironman star Sean Foster.

Nerissa Stafford, 5:17:38, 18th F35-39, 42:43-1:47-2:46:06-3:09-1:43:50
Neris was pleased with her race and said the tri-suit was awesome. Thankfully, FINA is not looking into our suits.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Victorian Sprint Championships, Sandringham, 22nd February 2009
Rob Raulings, 1:08:08.44, 2nd M40-44, 11:43-1:27-31:50-1:05-22:03
Jeff Beavis, 1:09:41.21, 4th M40-44, 12:49-1:35-32:52-1:02-21:23
Karl Augustin, 1:12:54, 6th M50-54, 14:50-1:38-33:43-1:18-21:25
Phil Caligiuri*, 1:23:46.76, 23rd M45-49, 18:42(est)-1:38(est)-36:18(est)-1:18(est)-25:51

Rob placed first in the swim in his age group, but copped an elbow in the face and completed the race with blood on his face and a very "Jolie"-esque lip.

Jeff Beavis missed out by one place on a podium. Given this length isn't his specialty, coming 4th in the Vic Champs is a great effort.

* Ascot Vale athlete

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Rottnest Channel Swim, 21st February 2009
19.7km swim from Cottesloe to Rottnest Island.

Peter Saw* (Team Seabreeze), 7:10:59, 27th Team Mixed 100+
Janet Miller (The Team), 8:38:36, 24th Duo Female 50+

This was Janet's first ever Rottnest swim and she was blessed with tough but perfect conditions.

Peter's team did the same time as last year, but overcorrected for the wind and swam an extra 3km.

* Ascot Vale athlete

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Masters Games Geelong
Bernadette Wyer came 3rd in the 8km cross country event at the Masters Games held in Geelong in 44:36. Bernadette said she "enjoyed the cross country" and that it was "very different to road running even dirt road running".

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Brooks/Gatorade Race 5, February 15th 2009
Gatorade, 500-20-5

Jamie Morgan, 1:00:51, 9th M30-34, 7:51-1:19-30:42-1:25-19:34
Jarratt Morgan, 1:03:50, 14th M30-34, 8:24-1:21-31:17-1:20-21:27
Karl Augustin, 1:08:08, 5th M50-54,9:57-1:32-34:13-1:32-20:53
Trevor Harrison*, 1:09:01, 29th M25-29, 10:07-2:12-34:09-1:46-20:46
Pip Hodgetts, 1:12:54, 4th F15-19, 8:11-1:31-39:50-1:52-21:29
Phil Caligiuri*, 1:13:34, 23rd M45-49, 11:25-1:53-33:29-1:43-25:03
Peter Saw*, 1:14:05, 73rd M35-39, 8:57-1:30-37:22-1:44-24:32
Stephen Gowers, 49th M45-49, 9:51-2:36-37:29-2:14-28:23
Kath Taylor, 34th F30-34, 10:26-1:59-38:16-2:06-29:00
Michelle Le Cornu*, 40th F30-34, 11:36-2:24-41:22-1:32-26:47
Marie Maguire*, 3rd F55-59, 12:21-2:11-46:44-2:21-34:23
Chanel Ross*, DNF, 9:07 - Chanel had mechanical problems on the bike and had to get a lift back.

Pip had a bike accident, but is OK. Her run was second fastest in her age group, she have had the fastest run split if not for the bike accident.


Daniel Moloney*, 43:00, 31st M30-39, 6:19-1:13-20:07-1:20-14:00
Tony Braden*, 44:52, 20th M40-49, 5:51-1:44-19:56-1:21-15:59
Kellie Whitefield*, 48:49, 10th F40-49, 8:15-1:37-22:07-0:53-15:57
Katie Anderson*, 54:39, 33rd F40-49, 7:01-2:10-21:46-2:04-21:37

*Ascot Vale athletes

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Challenge Series, Hobart, February 15th 2009

Jeff Beavis 2:23:44, 29th M40-44, 23:34-1:15:55-44:14

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Frances Lipscombe a Level 4 T&F Coach.
In awarding Frances Lipscombe her Level 4 coaching qualification Athletics Australia and the Australian T&F Coaches Association are acknowledging she is capable of coaching from Beginner to Elite level. She is now eligible to apply form her Level 5/Senior Coach if she coaches an athlete to international level.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Geelong 70.3, 8th February 2009
1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run
Matt Bailey, 4:08:26, 3rd M18-24, 21:59-1:52-2:21:56-1:31-1:21:08
Jamie Morgan, 4:34:30, 33rd M35-39, 26:51-2:59-2:26:01-2:45-1:35:54
Gavin Hicks, 4:46:24, 51st M30-34, 29:12-2:26-2:32:57-2:40-1:39:09
Mark Travill, 4:47:07, 6th M50-54, 27:41-2:23-2:38:20-2:23-1:36:20
Chris O'Donnell, 4:48:45, 68th M35-39, 27:52-3:54-2:39:04-3:16-1:34:39
Michael Bohnke, 5:00:00, 34th M45-49, 35:45-2:35-2:38:31-2:22-1:40:47
Rob Scapin, 5:06:46, 39th M45-49, 34:34-3:40-2:33:32-3:36-1:51:23
Trent Churchill, 5:14:23, 93rd M30-34, 31:45-2:38-2:39:01-4:07-1:56:52
Mandy Newman, 5:17:06, 5th F40-44, 29:21-3:39-2:49:40-3:05-1:51:21
Josie Gioffre, 6:30:47, 36th F35-39, 43:58-4:30-3:21:25-3:31-2:17:23
Janet Miller, withdrawn during race, 29:21-4:03-3:02:40-3:28-WD

Les Trois Amies, 5:10:41, 13th Mixed teams
Julie King (swim) 32:01, 9th
Stan Asimopolous (ride) 2:55:51, 13th
Helen Cheng (run) 1:42:47, 14th

Fabulous results:
Matt Bailey took 18 minutes off his Canberra time.
Josie Gioffre took 14 minutes off her 2008 time.
Mandy Newman took 33 minutes off her 2008 time.
Chris O'Donnell took 14 minutes off his 2008 time.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Kathmandu Adventure Race, 7th February 2009
Trevor Harrison (+ partner) 2:43:14, 9th mixed teams 0:15-0:06-0:14-0:21-0:20-0:31-0:22-0:20

The race started at 8am, but the temperature was already 30 degrees by 9am. It was so hot the bats were fainting and falling out of the trees on the kayak course!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Port to Park, 7th February 2009
1.1km openwater swim. Port Melbourne to Albert Park

Daniel Moloney, 18:10, 15th M30-39
Katie Anderson, 20:18, 3rd F40-49

If she'd won, Katie would have received a wetsuit, but she already has one, so the lingerie was much better. Hope she doesn't swim in it, though!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gatorade Race 4, Portarlington 1st February 2009
Gatorade 800/26/8

Jamie Morgan, 1:27:24, 9th M30-34, 12:25-1:30-41:46-1:05-30:38
Jarratt Morgan, 1:31:22, 14th M30-34, 13:26-1:34-42:13-1:01-33:08
Karl Augustin, 1:39:58, 3rd M50-54, 15:18-2:04-47:18-1:30-33:47
Trevor Harrison*, 1:42:32, 38th M25-29, 16:18-2:15-48:25-1:20-34:14
Pip Hodgetts, 1:49:07, 3rd F15-19, 13:25-1:31-57:21-1:11-35:38
Phil Caligiuri*, 1:49:36, 24th M45-49, 19:30-2:11-47:04-1:12-39:38
Peter Saw*, 1:53:01, 78th M35-39, 13:09-2:20-54:47-1:20-41:24
Kath Taylor, 2:00:22, 20th F30-34, 15:49-2:27-54:57-1:31-45:37
Michelle Currie, 2:04:51, 30th F30-34, 19:07-2:25-51:51-9:25-42:03

Top 10 swims for Jamie, Karl, Pip, Peter and Kath.
Top 10 rides for Jamie, Jarratt, Karl, Pip and Phil.
Top 10 runs for Jamie, Karl and Pip. Karl and Pip both had the second fastest runs in their age groups.

Brooks 300/10/3
Kellie Whitefield*, 48:33, 6th F40-49, 5:47-25:54-16:52
Top 10 run for Kellie.

* Ascot Vale athletes

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

AV Round 8 - NW region, 27th January 2009
Aaron Heaney, 18:23.6, 5000m, 6th MOP2

This was a replacement for Round 8 which had been cancelled earlier in the season.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

AV Round 11 - NW region, 20th January 2009
Daniel Ierardo, 6:24, 3rd M14, 1500

Saturday, 17 January 2009

AV Round 10 - NW region, 17th January 2009
Karl Augustin, 5:21.29, 1500
Sam Wenban, 5:53.65, 1500
Daniel Ierardo, 6:12.77, 1500

All times hand-timed. AV website not updated.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Danger 1000 Ocean Swim, 17th January 2009
Julie King, 20:33, 5th, F Veterans 50-54

Julie's race report:
I enjoyed the Danger1000 ocean swim at Torquay last Saturday with fine, sunny weather and a relatively flat sea. Often there can be quite a swell and current and getting passed the breakers can be a challenge.

I finished 5th, just pipped from 4th by 1 sec with a time of 20:33.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

ACT Sprint Championships, January 11th 2009
Rob Raulings 1:09:55, 8th M40-44, 11:27-36:04-22:24
3rd out of the water, 15 seconds down
Go Robbo!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

WSTC Triathlon Series, R3, 11th January 2009
Phil Caligiuri, 1:18:01, 4th M40-49, 750-18.6-5, 20:05-35:23-22:33

A strong finish after giving away a big head start on the swim (he wanted to give them a sporting chance!)

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sri Chinmoy Princes Park
Pat Madden was happy with her 32:02 time for the 5km event. Her time was 2 seconds slower than her 5km PB which was run on a flat course.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Brooks/Gatorade Race 3, January 11th 2009
Gatorade, Olympic Distance, 1500-40-10
Jamie Morgan, 2:08:30, 11th M30-34, 26:44-1:46-59:53-1:39-38:27
Jarratt Morgan, 2:09:47, 15th M30-34, 27:52-1:48-58:40-1:31-39:56
Karl Augustin, 2:19:23, 6th M50-54, 30:52-1:54-64:15-2:27-39:54
Chris O'Donnell, 2:19:56, 34th M35-39, 27:59-1:58-66:53-1:56-41:09
Hayden Marshall*, 2:35:11, 77th M30-34, 28:43-2:35-76:25-2:03-45:24
Jody Gilchrist*, 2:42:20, 9th F40-44, 36:30-2:18-77:03-1:53-44:35

The Morgan twin challenge continues with Jamie leading out of the swim, Jarratt leading off the bike (with the 3rd fastest bike split for the category) and then the lead changing again with Jamie taking it out. That's 3 out of 3 for Jamie.
Karl took 12minutes off his PB, not bad considering he had newspaper stuck inside his runners, losing him 5th place.
A great return from injury for Chris.

Gatorade, Sprint
Peter Saw*, 1:19:27, 20th M35-39, 14:54-2:14-36:43-1:53-23:32
Daniel Moloney*, 1:22:37, 30th M30-34, 16:55-2:25-37:06-2:04-24:06
Michelle Le Cornu*, 1:29:06, 13th F30-34, 19:11-3:01-39:30-1:39-25:45
Katherine Taylor, 1:30:08, 15th F30-34, 18:20-2:43-38:08-2:26-28:30

Peter and Daniel had done the Pier to Pub the day before, so did well to back up.
Kath is on the road back from injury, planning to just finish the race and yet: "My bike split from yesterday was my best time yet. My run wasn't too bad. Swim was pretty slow. Overall, it was a 5 minute PB for the 750/20/5km distance." Go Kath!

Kellie Whitefield*, 42:38, 8th F40-49, 8:30-1:56-18:23-0:55-12:53
Katie Anderson*, 52:20, 20th F40-49, 8:27-2:22-20:38-2:37-18:15

Katie is another making a comeback after injury. She has had a tough time of it and it looks like she's finally come good. She also had teh third fastest swim split for her category. At Sandy this is taken at the top of the huge hill, so she may well have been 2nd or even 1st out of the water. Watch out season 09/10!

* Ascot Vale athletes

Saturday, 10 January 2009

AV East Region Round 9
Craig Graham 800m 2:23.8. Despite calf tightness Craig managed to equal his PB for the 800m .

Saturday, 10 January 2009

AV Round 9 - NW region, 10th January 2009
Sam Wenban, 11:28.66, 1st M14, 3000m

Daniel Ierardo makes his debut
Daniel Ierardo, 13:34, 4th M14 (unofficial), 3000m

Saturday, 10 January 2009

NIB Lorne Pier to Pub, January 10th 2009
Peter Saw, 18:17, 77th Senior Men
Daniel Moloney, 20:12, 174th Senior Men
These two then went onto race at Sandringham on the Sunday.

Pat Buckley, 25:24, 371st Veteran Men

Friday, 9 January 2009

NIB Mountain to Surf, January 9th 2009
Aaron Heaney, 29:00, 28th Open Male (should be 12th Senior Male), 8500m

He liked it so much he ran it again the next day!

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