Sunday, 11 December 2011

Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club Triathlon, 11th December 2011

Jeff Beavis, 1:03:25, 7th M45-49, 9:43-35:06-18:36
(T1 in swim time, T2 in ride time)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Gatorade Race 2, Elwood, 11/12/11
results below are in the format:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 1:01:43, 7th M40-44, 4:59-0:57-33:58-1:05-20:44

Sunday, 4 December 2011

XOSize TriSeries 11/12 - Race 2 Mordialloc, 4th December 2011
results below are in the format:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Gavin Hicks, 55:52, 4th M30-34, 9:57-1:07-25:10-1:07-18:31
Julie King, 58:10, 1st F55-59, 10:09-1:27-19:18-1:46-25:30

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Anaconda Adventure Race, Lorne, 4th December 2011
1900m ocean swim, 13.9km ocean paddle, 15.2km trail run, 18.5km MTB, 1500m beach run
results below are given in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-paddle-trail run-MTB-beach run

Rob Solly, 5:13:24, 11th Veteran Male, 41:34-31:28-37:06-16:26-6:50

The comment from the race organiser says it all:
"Obviously we try to achieve a fair and equitable outcome in every race we run. However the combination of the northern turning buoy drifting southwards (meaning that the first paddlers paddled the furthest) before being washed in to shore, then being replaced for a period by a water safety craft, before that craft in turn was called on to help struggling paddlers, and finally having all remaining paddlers called directly in meant that virtually no two paddlers paddled exactly the same course."
Well done, Rob!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ballarat Triathlon, 27th November 2011
Don't know where the transitions are included

Rob Solly, 2:11:11, 5th M40-49, 26:10-1:01:35-43:26
Rob believes the ride was about 2k short

Sunday, 13 November 2011

2011 Campbells Ironman 70.3 Shepparton, 13th November 2011

Gavin Hicks, 4:41:09, 15th M30-34, 32:33-2:00-2:32:32-1:16-1:32:47
Gavin placed top 10 in his age group for the run.

Kath Taylor, 5:33:04, 12th F3539, 32:56-2:32-2:48:00-1:58-2:07:36
Kath place top 10 in her age group for the swim and ride and did an almost 20min PB!

Unfortunately Chris O'Donnell flatted in the first lap of the bike. He had done a 32:21 swim before disaster struck.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

XOSize TriSeries 11/12 - Race 1 Brighton, 6th November 2011
Julie King 1:18:34.4, 1st F55-59, 11:16.4-1:07.0-40:10.0-26:01.0
Mandy Newman 1:14:52.2, 2nd F40-44, 10:49.6-1:12.4-37:44.5-25:05.7
Gavin Hicks 1:04:36.6, 3rd M30-34, 10:16.4-1:03.6-34:32.4-18:44.2

Mandy had the fastest swim and bike splits in her age group.
The official results show Julie as coming 2nd in F50-54, but she is querying this.

(T2 included in bike split)

Julie's race report: "I had an enjoyable time at this first event for the season with perfect weather conditions.
Just one frustration was swimming off course - the lead swimmer in the 30+ wave headed off-course and the lead group duly followed!
So that may have cost some significant time in recovering to the turnaround buoy."
We won't say who one of the 3 lead swimmers was...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Brooks Duathlon series 2011
Gavin Hicks took 3rd place in the 2011 Duathlon series. See individual races for results.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Yarra Triathlon Cycling Time Trial, 23rd October 2011
25km ITT

Jarratt Morgan, 37:13.83,5th M31-39, 16th overall
Chris O'Donnell, 38:39.85, 7th M31-39, 25th overall

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bupa Around the Bay In a Day, 16th October 2011
210km Melbourne-Sorrento-Queenscliff-Melbourne
Steven Feher, 7:33:51 no placing available as yet

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bank of Melbourne, Melbourne Marathon, 9th October 2011
Full Marathon
Gavin Hicks, 2:48:39, 52nd M20-39
Same time as last year despite the course being 500 metres longer and twinging a hamstring at the 15 km mark
Chris O'Donnell, 3:04:50, 179th M20-39
This is an improvement of over 20 minutes from last year.

Half Marathon
Steven Feher, 1:40:31, 175th M40-49
Maureen Daley, 2:30:25, 713th F40-49
Both these athletes have had an interrupted preparation and were happy with their performance.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ironman World Championship, 8th October 2011

Mark Travill, 11:45:13, 34th M55-59, 1:11:56-5:03-6:14:08-5:09-4:08:58

Janet Miller, 14:47:29, 27th W55-59, 1:16:34-6:09-7:12:05-13:17-5:59:26

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Brooks Duathlon series Race 5, 2nd October 2011

Gavin Hicks, 1:01:10 6th M30-34, 16:49-33:36-10:45
Rob Solly, 1:06:21 5th M40-44, 19:21-35:15-11:45

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Amy's Gran Fondo, 18th September 2011
120k loop starting and ending at Lorne. Riders ride clockwise via Skenes Creek and Benwerrin
110k timed, 10k neutral - 120k in total
KOM: 10k climb starting 39km into the race - starting at turn onto Skenes Creek Rd and finishing at Mt Sabine

Jarratt Morgan, 3:10:32, 12th M30-34, KOM: 26:08, 21st M30-34
Jamie Morgan, 3:43:39, 102nd M35-39, KOM: 29:05, 48th M35-39
Rob Solly, 3:42:12, 109th M40-44, KOM: 31:45, 103rd M40-44
Kath Taylor, 4:29:42, 21st F35-39, KOM: 33:25, 9th F35-39

Congratulations to Jarratt for qualifying for the UWCT to compete for the World Age Group Championships held in Belgium in 2012.

Congratulations to Kath for her top 10 finish in the KOM. She then waiting almost 30min for a friend yet still finished 21st in her age group.

Jamie redlined with 13k to go but was happy given his limited preparation.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Brooks Duathlon series Race 4, 18th September 2011
5km run-20km ride-3km run

Gavin Hicks, 1:07:29, 2nd M30-34, 18:21-35:03-14:04
Gavin won the cycle leg in his age group.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Burnley Half Marathon, 4th September 2011
21.1 km
Kath Taylor 1:58:58 485th
Well done!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Series Results for Interwinter 2011
Jarratt Morgan: 11th B Grade Mixed
Chris O'Donnell: 14th B Grade Mixed
see earlier postings for individual race results.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Interwinter Series 2011, Round 3, 21st August 2011
Round 3 of Interwinter was made up of 3 races and then all results combined to give an overall result for round 3.
The 3 races were a 3k TT, a short XC race (9k) and a dirt track crit.

Jarratt Morgan:
TT: 12:38, 30th B Grade Mixed
9k XC race: 1:02:24, 23rd B Grade Mixed
crit: no times kept - just the placings. 15th B Grade Mixed
Overall for Round 3: 20th

Chris O'Donnell:
TT: 12:44, 31st B Grade Mixed
9k XC race: DNF. 42:16 for 6k
crit: no times kept - just the placings. 34th B Grade Mixed
Overall for Round 3: 41st

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Brooks Duathlon series Race 3, 14th August 2011

Gavin Hicks,1:06:33, 6th M30-34. 17:49 (6th)-38:20 (6th)-10:24 (8th)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Brooks Duathlon series Race 2, 24th July 2011

Gavin Hicks 1:06:54, 4th M30-34. 17:54 (4th)-37:38 (4th)-11:22 (4th)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Interwinter Series 2011, Round 2, 17th July 2011
25km MTB

Jarratt Morgan, 1:34:46, 24th B Grade
Chris O'Donnell, 1:38:48, 30th B Grade

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Brooks Duathlon series Race 1, 10th July 2011
5k run-19.25km ride-3k run

Gavin Hicks 1:04:03 7th M 30-34. 18:45 9th for 5k run, no other splits available

Saturday, 9 July 2011

XCR11 Round 5, 9th July 2011
6k XC

Mandy Newman, 31:08, placing not yet available

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gold Coast Marathon and Half Marathon
Matthew Hogg ran the full distance in 3:06:19, a 12 minute PB nursing a recurring hamstring pain which hit him at the 25km mark.
Peter Papos completed his first Half Marathon in 1:58:07, unfortunately the last 6km with foot pain which was later diagnosed as a fibula stress fracture.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Yorkey's Knob Sprint Series Race 1

Rob Solly 1:14:20 2nd M40-44, 3rd overall. 14:13 (4th)-43:44 (4th)-16:23 (6th)
Maybe that will encourage some other "Mexicans" to head north for some mid-winter racing. Great work, Rob,

Saturday, 18 June 2011

XCR11 Round 4, 18th June 2011
15k Road Race
Chris O'Donnell, 1:06:30.65, 285th, M Open
Julie King, 1:20:36.75, 133rd F Open
Mandy Newman DNF

Saturday, 11 June 2011

New York Road Runners, Mini 10k, 11th June 2011
Women only 10k race around Central Park.

Sandra Buth, 1:23:34, 171st F51

Sunday, 5 June 2011

2011 Forrest 6hr Enduro MTB
6hr enduro MTB race. Greatest distance covered wins. Each lap ~8km

Hairy Geeks, 6:18:07, 12 laps, 28th Male Pair. The splits were:
Jarratt 33:39
Jarratt 33:14
Chris 30:56
Jarratt 34:36
Jarratt 30:24
Chris 30:46
Chris 27:06
Jarratt 33:50
Jarratt 30:23
Chris 31:24
Jarratt 30:40
Chris 31:10
Despite Jarratt's protests, the record shows that Chris had the fastest split.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sri Chinmoy, Newport, 29th May 2011

Maureen Daley, 2:23:22, 68th F40-49
Peter Papos ran too, but I have yet to find his result.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

XCR11 Round 2, 21st May 2011
4000m cross country

Mandy Newman, 19:46.3, 132nd F Open

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Puffing Billy's Great Train Race, 1st May 2011
13.2km, men aim to beat the first train, women aim to beat the second train.
Sarah Finney, 121st Female (out of 925), 1:05:07.
Mandy Newman, 138th Female (out of 935), 1:06:14, beating the "Ladies train" by 4:44
Julie King, 292nd Female (out of 935), 1:11:17
Peter Papos, 1207th Male (out of 1849), 1:10:51

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Urban Hotel Group Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie 1st May 2011
See previous story for full results.

Congratulations, Mark & Janet.
Mark Travill and Janet Miller get Kona spots!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Urban Hotel Group Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie 1st May 2011

Three podiums! Go Ali, Janet & Mark!

Gavin Hicks, 10:25:16, 20th M30-34, 1:05:08-0:03:46-5:33:03-0:02:11-3:41:06
Mark Travill, 11:11:44, 2nd M55-59, 1:01:57-0:03:22-5:55:02-0:03:40-4:07:42
Chris O'Donnell, 11:32:01, 73rd M35-39, 1:02:05-0:04:53-6:20:43-0:05:05-3:59:13
Alison Travill, 12:29:29, 3rd F18-24, 0:59:50-0:02:33-6:41:31-0:03:46-4:41:48
Janet Miller, 14:18:25, 1st F55-59, 1:08:55-0:04:52-7:12:02-0:05:16-5:47:17

Well done by all in windy conditions.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dextro Energy Triathlon, ITU World Championship, Sydney, 10th April 2011
Age Group race

Rob Solly, 2:19:36, 53rd M35-39, 26:05-0:59-1:07:23-0:54-44:12

Sunday, 3 April 2011

ZOOT TriMan HIM, 3/4/2011

Nerissa Stafford, 5:19:12, 4th F35-39, 27:27-1:49-2:50:29-1:33-1:57:53
Steven Feher, 5:30:14, 32nd M40-44, 26:59-4:13-2:58:48-2:13-1:57:59
Kath Taylor, 5:47:49, 11th F35-39, 25:55-1:56-3:02:07-1:26-2:16:24

Sunday, 27 March 2011

XOSize TriSeries 10/11 - Race 5, 27th March 2011

Gavin Hicks, 1:07:06.5, 3rd M30-34, 13:28.4-1:10.8-33:56.0-1:05.0-17:26.3
What a great finish to the XOSize series for Gavin - finishing 3rd for the series as well. Looking good for IMOZ!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gatorade Race 6, St Kilda, 20th March 2011

Chris O'Donnell, 1:05:44.56, 13th M 35-39, 11:48-1:48-30:06-1:39-20:24
Rob Solly, 1:07:07.60, 21st M35-39, 12:39-1:38-31:16-1:16-20:19
Rob Raulings, 1:08:05.59, 9th M40-44, 11:48-1:32-30:28-1:38-22:40
Jeff Beavis, 1:10:37.08, 18th M40-44, 13:07-1:47-32:08-1:37-21:59
Marie Maguire, 1:38:10.76, 4th F55-59, 16:55-3:05-44:17-2:58-30:56

Marie's swim was 2nd fastest in her age group, Chris' ride was 56th overall.

It was an eventful race - Karl Augustin tore his calf running out of the water and Marie had a tumble at the start of the run and finished the race with "an impressive blood flow on my knee".

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mt Buller King of the Mountain, 19th March 2011
This was part of the Scody High Country Challenge:
Saturday is 165km Mansfield - Mt Buller - Mansfield - Jameson - Mansfield ride.
Sunday is 120km Mansfield - Whitfield - Mansfield.

Jarratt placed a close 5th (out of 113 men), doing the climb up Buller in 51:52.20. I've taken longer than that in the car! There was less than 1 minute between 2nd and 5th.

Go Jarratt!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gatorade Race 5, Elwood, 6th March 2011

Jamie Morgan, 1:01:40.92, 10th M35-39, 8:53-1:19-30:35-1:16-19:38
Rob Solly, 1:04:34.64, 15th M35-39, 8:49-1:28-32:27-1:24-20:27
Nerissa Stafford, 1:13:29.47, 9th F35-39, 11:33-1:55-34:21-2:00-23:41

Rob's time was a PB. Well done, Rob.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

XOSize TriSeries 10/11 - Race 4, Vic Sprint Champs, 27th Feb 2011

Gavin Hicks, 1:11:10, 9th M30-34, 16:45-1:25-32:16-1:16-19:27
Rob Raulings, 1:12:53, 8th M40-44, 14:25-1:36-31:40-1:39-23:33 Rob's swim was a top 3 effort for his age group

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Geelong Triathlon, 20th February 2011

Rob Solly, 2:19:02, 21st M35-39, 25:32-1:09:02-41:43
Jeff Beavis, 2:29:39, 24th M40-44, 27:44-1:13:07-45:55
Karl Augustin, 2:30:28, 13th M50-54, 31:21-1:14:19-40:41. Karl's run was top 5 in his age group
Mark Travill, 2:34:34, 17th M50-54, 26:01-1:16:48-48:36. Mark's swim was top 10 in his age group
Julie King, 2:41:16, 2nd F55-59, 27:33-1:18:16-52:20. Julie was the first out of the water in her age group and 2nd in the ride and run.
Kath Taylor, 2:45:55, 11th F35-39, 28:11-1:19:18-54:29. Kath had top 10 in her age group in the swim and the ride
Alison Travill, 2:48:49, 21st F20-34, 25:43-1:27:17-51:54
Janet Miller, 2:53:55, 2nd F50-54, 30:22-1:21:53-56:43. Janet was the fastest swimmer and fastest cyclist in her age group and third in the run.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gatorade Race 4, Portarlington, 6th February 2011
Swim was replaced by a run due to polluted water

Jamie Morgan 1:20:40.52, 13th M35-39, 7:04-1:23-40:34-1:23-30:17
Paul Thompson 1:21:10.39, 4th M45-49, 7:51-1:19-40:30-1:30-30:01
Paul had the fastest bike split in his age group
Rob Solly 1:26:01.35, 19th M35-39, 7:54-1:20-43:56-1:55-30:57
Karl Augustin 1:27:23.10, 7th M50-54, 7:39-1:52-45:55-1:46-30:12
Jeff Beavis 1:28:40.78, 19th M40-44, 8:14-1:27-44:31-1:38-32:51
Michelle Currie 1:48:12.75, 16th F35-39, 9:18-2:01-56:04-2:32-38:18
Marie Maguire 1:54:25.88, 3rd F55-59, 9:49-1:57-59:36-2:41-40:23

Sunday, 16 January 2011

XOSize TriSeries 10/11 - Race 3 Elwood, 16th January 2011

Gavin Hicks, 1:09:43.0, 9th M30-34, 6:19.2-18:32.4-9:01-8:24.0-18:36.1-8:49.8
Gavin finished 55th overall.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Australian Sprint Distance Championships, Sandringham, 9th January 2011

Rob Raulings, 1:06:57, 2nd M40-44, 12:18-33:10-21:29
Rob held off 3rd place by 7 seconds.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Victorian Olympic Distance Championships, Sandringham, 9th January 2011

Paul Thompson, 2:15:19.79, 8th M45-49, 29:31-2:06-1:02:07-1:35-40:01
Karl Augustin, 2:27:03.54, 10th M50-54, 35:23-2:42-1:05:49-2:06-41:04
Jamie Morgan, 2:11:29.16, 12th M35-39, 28:02-1:57-1:00:56-1:32-39:03
Katherine Taylor, 2:46:42.29, 15th F35-39, 32:04-3:05-1:14:15-2:37-54:42
Rob Solly, 2:20:52.93, 23rd M35-39, 29:22-2:42-1:05:12-1:32-41:05
Phil Caligiuri, 3:03:10.12, 51st M45=49, 42:18-4:11-1:13:14-3:45-59:43

Kath had a top 10 in the swim, Paul and Karl had top 10s on the bike and run.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

NIB Lorne Pier to Pub, 8th January 2011
1200m ocean swim
Jeff Beavis, 18:19, 123rd Master Male
Pat Buckley, 23:52, 321st Veteran Male

Both men moved up the rankings this year and Pat gained 2 minutes on his arch nemesis.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

2010 Lake Benalla Triathlon, 27th December 2010
750-20-5 (pool swim)

Rob Solly, 1:08:35, 4th M35-39, 13:36-35:13-19:46
Rob was pushed off the podium by Jarrod Evans, who is now racing age group (and finished third overall). Not much of a Christmas present!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

DUCHAMP RipView Classic, 2nd January 2011
1.4km swim

Stephen Gowers, 19:36, 44th M50-54 (out of 128)
This is an improvement of 20-40 seconds over the last two years. Well done!

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