Port Macquarie Ironman, April 2nd 2006

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Port Macquarie Ironman, April 2nd 2006

The Melbourne/Correspondence Squad

Dimity Gannon: (18-24/12:20 hr). A great effort in her second race because while Dimity joined EPS after qualifying in late 2005 she was unable to complete any ultra runs due to a long term ITB problem.

Gary Blake (55-59/13:08 hr). One of many first timers, Gary overcame more obstacles than a XC bike rider. First there was chronic back problems that led to achilles and hamstring soreness then just before his qualifying half IM her had double hernia surgery. He performed within 1% of his predicted IM result.

Janet Miller (50-54/15:20 hr). Another first timer who experienced 2 bouts of nausea and 2 falls from the bike, one due the nausea and one due to riders in front falling but still did well enough to qualify for Hawaii despite being 2 hrs or more outside her capability!

Jacqueline Wrightson (30-34/10:58 hr). Jacqueline equaled her PB on a tougher course and qualified for Hawaii despite a burst ear drum, a very sore face from a swim incident and some lose of equilibruim in the bike and run.

Mark Travill (45-49/11:21 hr). Another first timer who performed within his program predictions despite the tougher course and running with an infected toe.

Matthew Hartnett (30-34/13:21 hr). Matt gained entry to the IM via a lottery slot and his aim was simply to finished. He did this despite joining the program with a leg problem that prevented him from completing any Ultra runs. Look for a 1:00 to 1:30 hour improvement next race.

Melinda Westall (30-34/13:37 hr). Yet another first timer who was programmed to finish - which she did, despite two punctures, in a very credible time. Look to a 1:00-1:30 hr improvement if Melinda decides to do a second IM.

Simon Howe (30-35) 12:51 hr. This was Simon's second IM and he wanted to better 13 hours. All his TT's were showing 12:55 to 13:00hr but he was one of only 2 of our athletes to 'beat' the computer.

Yvette Stepan (25-29) 12:20 hr. Another first timer who experienced 4 punctures, due to tacks on the road, which forced her to sit on the side of the road for 45 minutes! Look to an 11:30 hr or faster next time.

A special thanks to Mark Travill for his coordinating role in these results.

The Newcastle Squad

Well done to Ben Higginbottom on the performances of David Turnidge (45-49/12:57 hr); Paul Franks (35-39/11:46 hr) a first timer who performed as his training regime predicted; Peter Clark (35-39/9:46 hr) in his 10th 10th IM which is his second best time and was a Hawaii qualifier; Roger Allon (45-49/13:00 hr) a first timer who managed to complete the race despite a medical scare; Ryan McMahon (25-29/10:08 hr)and a PB by 10 minutes.