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Benson's EPS offers a range of tailored training programs to meet your specific training needs. The programs consider your training background, ie, the accumulated volume (in time or distance) you have accumulated, the training paces you should be using based on selected time trial results, the period of the training calender that you are operating in and your preferences for specific competition disciplines.

There are (8) different training squads that are used to group athletes of similar abilities and workloads. These are detailed in the table below.


The running program has two major components. They are competitive running and fun running. Competitive running normally revolves around track running, cross country running and road races orgamised by official bodies such as national federations like Athletics Australia, state or regional associations like Athletics Victoria and school based competitions. Fun running normally means running in mass entry events such a 10k road races, half marathons and marathons organised by promoters who have been sanctioned by the National Federation. On the other hand it is possible to compete in national, state or regional events for 'fun' and to race in promotional events, eg, the City to Surf in Sydney, Australia, very seriously.

Overview of the EPS Triathlon Training Progression"
Social Member A membership for the athlete who no longer has the time to train seriously but would like the benefits available to an EPS member.
Junior Squad Check also - The Philosophy of Coaching a Triathlete - and - Junior Triathlete
Beginner Squad  
Fun & Fitness Squad This programme introduces a slight increase in volume and some interval training into your programme. Check the Fun & Fitness Squad page
Sprint Squad This programme introduces a further increase in volume and intensity and includes additional optional workouts. Check the Sprint Squad page. 
Olympic & Ironman Squad The volume and intensity increases and the running and cycling workouts are no longer optional. Check the Olympic & Ironman Squad page.
Olympic HP and Ironman HP Squad The volume increases for High Performance athletes but the intensity remains basically the same. Check the Olympic & Ironman HP Squad page.
Cycling Road and Mountain Bike from beginner to State level. Track time trials to National level. This page is under construction.
Swimming Pool (triathletes only) and Open Water to national level. This page is under construction.