VSSSA State T&F Championship, 17th October 2006

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VSSSA State T&F Championship, 17th October 2006

Gemeda Adem U16 1500m: 4:21 PB 2nd place.


After a big day of racing the Open 3000 at 12:30, followed by the U16 800 at 2:13, Gemeda was able to get a couple of hours sleep and race strongly in his favourite event - the 1500m. He placed 2nd in a personal best time of 4:21.


Gemeda's performance was remarkable because:

- he hadn't trained for over six months - concentrating on his soccer career instead

- he was fasting for Ramadan (although he did get dispensation to eat and drink on that day)

- it was a warm day with very strong northerly winds

- he'd already raced two tough races.


In the other two races Gemeda placed 5th. But even those results were good - it was the first time he'd made it to the 3000 final at State level - he's usually knocked out at the Zone level. After being completely spent in the 3000, he had less than two hours before the 800m. He didn't warm up properly for the 800m as they were called to the start more than 30 min before the start of the race. The fact that Barb was there probably also put the "mozz" on him. (Barb left before the 1500).


Gemeda is now preparing for the selection race for the World Junior XC race in Africa in 2007.